Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pencil Mutilation.. part two!

Wellll... I still haven't messed it up... but there is still plenty of time to do so, so no worries! LOL

Have got a seriously wounded White Pencil though.... poor little thing.. little being the right word... I think I will have to buy it a Very Special Present to make up for the abuse....  and the Green too.. He has been wounded above and beyond the necessary! :-)  But you do neeeeed Very Very Sharp pencils to do this....  Will just have to buy me some more then!!!!

 OK...  who stole part of my pencils???

Ahhhh.... Found the missing bits......

That is a Very Painful Picture for me to look at..... Proof of the mass mutilation of my Pencils!!! :-)

Anyway... quick picture diary of what I have been up to since 7 this morning....

And that is where I am at... oh... I have just coloured the stems.... so... can put it off not longer... onto the Scary Roses....  Just as I was getting the hang of the leaves!!!   LOL



  1. Oh WOW!! It's looking AMAZING Debs! I clicked on the photo to make it bigger so I could see it better and it's flawless. The shading is so life like. Can't what to see the flowers - what colour will they be? The Pie Man is well impressed too.

  2. Awww.. Thank You Pamela.. and Thank You to the Pie Man too! Have to admit to being quietly a bit chuffed with myself! I do love working on the black parchment.. it makes the colours so dramatic and vivid! The roses... well Just put the first layer on the top rose, which is a rich purple bloom, the lower rose is a blood red... Kanni has made them look superb.. so I am sticking to her colours!
    Many thanks again.. and big hugs. xxx

  3. Oh Debs you crack me up! Your colouring is fabulous and I can't wait to see the finished article. Looks after those pencils now! Hugs x

  4. Thank You Anne.... I have having a great time playing....Halfway through the first of the roses... but it is difficult to colour with crossed fingers!!!!
    hugs xxx

  5. Clever you and such a shame for your treasured pencils, I am sure they will forgive you when they see what 'they' have created.
    Looking forward to seeing the roses.
    Christine xx

  6. Thanks Christine.... Am feeling pleased with myself.. and now doing the grid work... lots and lots of potential there to go wrong too! LOL Why do I put myself through this?!?!?! :-)

    hugs xxx


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