Saturday, 30 April 2011

Pencil Mutilation!!!!


Hi there... had a lovely couple of days... blubbed myself silly all day yesterday through the Royal Wedding, so beautiful and perfect... loved it!

Today, I shed a tear again..... because I had to ........  I hardly dare say it...... sharpen a pencil!!!!   I am still in shock... my poor poor pencil!!! But I did apologise profusely as I went along!!  :-)

Loooooook... it is all little.. and hiding in shame at the edge of the tin.... (it is actually much shorter now, but I couldn't bring my self to capture further humiliation for it!!)

OK OK.. I am a bit sad when it comes to my pencils, can't help it.... but I am hoping I put my poor little white pencil through the agony of being sharpened for a good reason......

Halfway through the first layer of white......  I am attempting a beautiful pattern by the wonderful Kannikar Sukseree, whose fabulous Colouring on Black Parchment Workshop I was incredibly lucky enough to attend earlier this month.  It was a real mind blowing day for me...  I loved the effect of colour on black.. and have finally found time to have another go....  not as easy though without Kanni within helping/rescuing distance!!!

This is how I have left it for tonight... I am Very Pleased with it, and stopped before I pushed my luck and ruined the whole thing!  Tomorrow I will be attempting the colours.... with baited breath!

Wish me Luck!


  1. It's looking lovely I'm sure the white pencil will forgive you.

  2. Thanks Pamela..... If I can get the colour on, and it still looks as good as the white does.. I will be a Very Happy Bunny! Big huge hugs. xxxx

  3. Gorgeous so far Debs, look forward to seeing your finished work of art.
    Enjoy your weekend

  4. I hope it goes well Debs - but I am sure it will. You took to it like duck to water at the Workshop - so I have no doubts. It is looking great so far.


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