Thursday, 19 May 2011

Another Blatent Plug!!


Brand new on my site..... FlowerFlies and Flutterbugs, bright, cheerful and full of summer sunshine!

Loads on this one.. pleased with it.. and have done the layout a bit different, so if you are just looking for say a pretty background... they are all in one folder instead of jumping from one to another to find one... all the folders match up, so topper number 7 goes with all the number 7 papers, number 7 waterfall etc etc etc

Plus I put a bonus folder in... printable buildable paper flowers.....  had a very quick play, just to see if they worked.. and they do!!!  So you have 26 of these.. all in matching colours to the rest of the CD

In total you have 13 folders, each with 26 printable pages... that equals lots and lots! LOL

If you are interested... Thank You.. and you can find it here


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Flowers and die cuts......


Postie bought me a present yesterday... a very lovely set of flower shaped nesties... wasn't that kind of him!!! :-)

I am very very into my die cuts at the moment (you may have noticed!)... and having found the group I mentioned where we are all totally addicted to paper flowers, these ones seemed a must have... Oh.. the paper flower group... is here .. Please feel free to come and join us... so many ideas floating around, and videos and all sorts.. great little group

Anyway...  decided to have a play... plus I needed to check out the print quality of some work I am doing... and the dies fitted the bill perfectly.

The printing is onto slightly glittery paper because I need to go shopping and buy some basic good quality white... but it works!

I die cut a few of the flowers, shaped the petals and used my trusty stash of Card Candy for the middles

Going to enter this card into the CD Sunday Blog  (they will be amazed... twice in two weeks!!!) as this week the challenge is Die Cutting or Yeehaw.... Yayyy Die Cutting! LOL  Happy Me!

As for the CD used.. I might be bending the rules a bit here.... cos the papers are not from an actual hard copy CD... yet!  Flowerflies and Flutterbugs will be out by the weekend though.. so if I get it finished and on the website before the end of this challenge... I think that might make me eligible! LOL

Hope everyone has a great day... best go and get the CD finished!!


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Matilda-Rose and I fell out yesterday....

But we are talking again now!   She did try to kill me however! LOL

Ok.. to clear up any confusion....  here is Matilda-Rose.. well, it is not actually her.. but could be her twin! LOL

Anyway.....  long story made short....  I went to see my mum yesterday morning. and as I was leaving.. mum and I were still chatting....  mum has a beautiful albeit it sharp and spiteful gravel drive...  I went to leave.. remembered I wanted to say something.. took two steps back and got caught up in the pedal and went down in a thwumfffph!   I wasn't even on the blasted bike.. I was walking next to her... so I didn't fall OFF her.. I fell OVER her....  How dumb am I?!?!?!?!?!?

When I got my foot caught.. I felt Matilda-Rose start to tilt.... well she is new.. only had her a few weeks and I didn't want to drop her... so I tried to save her, but I was unbalanced... and Matilda-Rose is a big girl (she takes a 26inch wheel and I have to stand on tiptoe to get on her.. and I am not short!)...  the momentum of both of us meant I went straight down on top of her....Backwards!!!!!

Now.. partly this was good..... avoided the gravel... but was also bad as I now have perfect imprints and bruises to describe the frame size of M-R graphically if necessary cos I landed on her......  plus the offending pedal wizzed round and smacked me upside the kneecap causing a luvverly friction jeans burn... but my elbow...  oh.. my elbow.. was bent...  funny bone (which soooooo is not!!!)  took most of the impact.. yup.. on the gravel.. (A lot of my elbow is still there... on the blasted gravel!!!LOL)  Ooooo it hurt!!!

My poor mummy was leaping around trying to sort me out, get me up, remove gravel etc etc etc.. all I was worried about was had I scratched Matilda-Rose!!!!! (I hadn't.. so pleased!!)

Now... having recovered... although I am very sore and swollen... I am also very proud.... I have been thrown off horses at all kinds of speeds (including an ambulance rush to A&E).. I have actually jumped nearly 7 foot without a horse cos the sod decided at the last second it didn't want too.. and I mean the last second!!!!  I have been reversed into by a van.... etc etc etc and I hardly ever bruise.. I mean really hardly ever....

BUT LOOK............

Don't panic.. it is my thigh.. but it is a BRUISE!!!!!  I am so happy... proof it happened! ROFL

Tell you what though.. having a bath last night hurt like.. ouchies..... hot water v no skin.. no contest! LOL

Not done much today aprt form feel sorry for myself! LOL

Gentle hugs all


Update.... Mr Bruise.. a few days on.....

Just so you can tell the size of him... and he is impressive... I selotaped a two pound coin to my leg!!!!!

A couple more days on... and Mr Bruise is leaving me.... Awwwww... lol  fading nicely... but seems to have developed a yellow glow around him as he goes......

Just hope I don't ever do anything stupid enough in the future to get another one!!!!!


Monday, 9 May 2011

"Beautiful" Paper Flowers.....

Even if I do say so myself!!!!

Hello!  Me again... look what happens when I take a few days off work to sort things out ....... I seem to live in Blog-Land instead! LOL

I have joined an on-line group who are dedicated (and dare I say slightly addicted) to making paper flowers, and the ones they have been posting are STUNNING!!!!  They have also been very helpful and posted loads of How-To videos, so I thought.. why not!  I didn't have the CD they were using (only cos the postie hasn't delivered it yet!!!!  Shhhh.. I didn't say that!!) but in my rather healthy CD collection I do have the wonderful Little Big Tree Wings and Flowers CD... not used it for ages.. in fact not used it since I bought the new computer.. so not installed...  well.. that was this morning accounted for... finding the CD.. luckily it was in the 4th place I looked, so I didn't give up in a raging temper, but sat and played

(which as an aside is a miracle in itself as I was up till 4 last night cos it was too hot and sticky to sleep, so when the alarm went off at 6.30, I said some very very rude words and have been so crossed eyed all day I can actually see out of my opposite ears!!!!)

Anyway... I played and played and played... and am actually rather impressed....  can't wait to see what I make when the proper CD turns up!

Not bad for my first attempt eh! LOL  And the first one I made, the blue one was made using the kitchen scissors cos I was too sleepy to drag my craft cupboard open to get the snips out!

Going to make some more.. I am having sooo much fun... and I might be a big brave girl and......
get the glitter out!!!!!


Sunday, 8 May 2011

I am actually organised!!!!!

and proudly presenting my entry for CD Sunday Oriental ....  On Sunday!!!!  Normally I get round to posting this on the Friday or by the skin of my teeth Saturday... that is if the papers ever make their way out of the printer that is! :-)

Seeing as the theme was Lets Go Oriental... and I had so much fun last week with my new stamps.. I decided to bring the Oriental Tilda back into play.. but this time with a bit of a difference!

My main "gripe" for want of a better word with stamps.. is what you stamp is what you get, unlike digi stamps that you can re-size etc etc... I wanted Tilda to face the other direction..... soooooo.. I stamped her onto parchment with Staz On and when totally dry (very good of me to be so patient.. normally I rush and smudge everything!) I turned the parchment over and traced her again in permanent black ink.  I then coloured her face and robes on the back.. which used to be the front  (LOL) with my trusty ColourSoft pencils, and blended them with Zest it.  I then turned to the front (which used to be the back!!) and put the detail on her robes and face, and coloured her hair... I am pleased with her hair.. getting the hang of this now!

I used a circle Pergamano grid to pick out some detail and make the parchment fit in a larger flower circle using Marriane dies, and then die cut some flowers and a butterfly (not because there was a mistake.. but cos I wanted one!) and finshed off with a few gems and some Card Candy

And here she is......

Quick tip.. which I am sure you all know anyway!  But if you don't... tis a handy one.

When I went to put the coloured parchment image on the patterned paper, you could see the pattern through her face and robes.... sooooo, I stamped her out again onto plain paper and cut it out just inside the outlines...

I then put a TINY bit of rolled up magic tape behind Tildas head (which was coloured on the front so no colour on the back to lift) and positioned her onto the  turned over cut out image....  this was then firmly glued to the middle of the circle I was putting her in, and removed the tape....

I was then able to repostion the coloured images and glue it down using the flowers around the edge so that no glue needed to ruin the colouring.....  as you can see... I managed to line it up again pretty well!

Right.... thats it from me.. and my entry.... need to go and get things sorted for the morning.. have a great evening all and thanks for reading!

Oh.. nearly forgot.... I wanted to do this Tilda in Lilacs... so the papers I used were from Springtime Butterflies and Lace xx

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Getting the hang now...

of this pencil sharpening lark..... I still feel really guilty cos I am hurting them... but can do it with less apologies and fewer tears! :-)

Been having a play today with some new stamps... and dragged the Big Shot out to use some of the bigger dies I have....  here are the results.....

Using Oriental Tilda, various papers from the humongous pile I have, coloursoft pencils and Marianne dies

Another Tilda....  the flash has made this one come out very very bright.. so Sunglasses alert!!!  Coloured her with Derwent InkTense pencils then blended them with Zest It... I knew the InkTense were vivid... but I was surprised how vivid... love them....  the papers are from a stash of PaperMania ones I bought the other year.. an Easter pack.. all citrussy (?) yellows and greens, and again the much loved Marianne dies

Right.. off to stamp up a few more

hugs .. xxxxxx

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Final Installment of the Pencil Mutilation Saga!

Well.. until I start the next pattern and mutilate them all over again!!! :-)

Ok.. last instalment ended with the leaves done... so on to the roses... I was dreading this bit.. cos me and flowers Do Not Get On!   But... I was brave.. and had a go......

So far... so good.....   onto the second rose.......

and starting to feel a bit smug.. this is only my second try at this... and no Kanni to help/rescue me!

With the roses as good as they were going to get... I dared not fiddle... that is when it all goes wrong... onto the gridwork....

Lots of crosses to cut out.. and all the middle bits and the four "windows"  oooooo so much scope for it to go Very Wrong....

But it didn't!!!!!!  Yayyyy Me!!!  Have to say I am feeling a bit smug and pleased with myself.....  LOOK!!!

Really really happy with how it turned out....  even if it did kill a couple of my pencils! LOL

The pattern is by Kanni .... details here ... some truly stunning designs.. she is so talented it is untrue.  The pattern was traced onto black parchment and was coloured in using Derwent Coloursoft pencils...  I think they are fabulous... I know people swear by Faber Castels, but on parchment I much prefer the Coloursoft becasue they are so.. well, soft!  They blend beautifully and because they are so soft, you can use a fair bit of pressure without accidentally embossing the parchment as you go!

Right.... off to get some work done.. coffee break over.. then this evening I can decide which pattern to start next!

Have a great day.. and thanks for reading

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Pencil Mutilation.. part two!

Wellll... I still haven't messed it up... but there is still plenty of time to do so, so no worries! LOL

Have got a seriously wounded White Pencil though.... poor little thing.. little being the right word... I think I will have to buy it a Very Special Present to make up for the abuse....  and the Green too.. He has been wounded above and beyond the necessary! :-)  But you do neeeeed Very Very Sharp pencils to do this....  Will just have to buy me some more then!!!!

 OK...  who stole part of my pencils???

Ahhhh.... Found the missing bits......

That is a Very Painful Picture for me to look at..... Proof of the mass mutilation of my Pencils!!! :-)

Anyway... quick picture diary of what I have been up to since 7 this morning....

And that is where I am at... oh... I have just coloured the stems.... so... can put it off not longer... onto the Scary Roses....  Just as I was getting the hang of the leaves!!!   LOL