Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Matilda-Rose and I fell out yesterday....

But we are talking again now!   She did try to kill me however! LOL

Ok.. to clear up any confusion....  here is Matilda-Rose.. well, it is not actually her.. but could be her twin! LOL

Anyway.....  long story made short....  I went to see my mum yesterday morning. and as I was leaving.. mum and I were still chatting....  mum has a beautiful albeit it sharp and spiteful gravel drive...  I went to leave.. remembered I wanted to say something.. took two steps back and got caught up in the pedal and went down in a thwumfffph!   I wasn't even on the blasted bike.. I was walking next to her... so I didn't fall OFF her.. I fell OVER her....  How dumb am I?!?!?!?!?!?

When I got my foot caught.. I felt Matilda-Rose start to tilt.... well she is new.. only had her a few weeks and I didn't want to drop her... so I tried to save her, but I was unbalanced... and Matilda-Rose is a big girl (she takes a 26inch wheel and I have to stand on tiptoe to get on her.. and I am not short!)...  the momentum of both of us meant I went straight down on top of her....Backwards!!!!!

Now.. partly this was good..... avoided the gravel... but was also bad as I now have perfect imprints and bruises to describe the frame size of M-R graphically if necessary cos I landed on her......  plus the offending pedal wizzed round and smacked me upside the kneecap causing a luvverly friction jeans burn... but my elbow...  oh.. my elbow.. was bent...  funny bone (which soooooo is not!!!)  took most of the impact.. yup.. on the gravel.. (A lot of my elbow is still there... on the blasted gravel!!!LOL)  Ooooo it hurt!!!

My poor mummy was leaping around trying to sort me out, get me up, remove gravel etc etc etc.. all I was worried about was had I scratched Matilda-Rose!!!!! (I hadn't.. so pleased!!)

Now... having recovered... although I am very sore and swollen... I am also very proud.... I have been thrown off horses at all kinds of speeds (including an ambulance rush to A&E).. I have actually jumped nearly 7 foot without a horse cos the sod decided at the last second it didn't want too.. and I mean the last second!!!!  I have been reversed into by a van.... etc etc etc and I hardly ever bruise.. I mean really hardly ever....

BUT LOOK............

Don't panic.. it is my thigh.. but it is a BRUISE!!!!!  I am so happy... proof it happened! ROFL

Tell you what though.. having a bath last night hurt like.. ouchies..... hot water v no skin.. no contest! LOL

Not done much today aprt form feel sorry for myself! LOL

Gentle hugs all


Update.... Mr Bruise.. a few days on.....

Just so you can tell the size of him... and he is impressive... I selotaped a two pound coin to my leg!!!!!

A couple more days on... and Mr Bruise is leaving me.... Awwwww... lol  fading nicely... but seems to have developed a yellow glow around him as he goes......

Just hope I don't ever do anything stupid enough in the future to get another one!!!!!



  1. Oh... even funnier....

    postman came today with the two 3" circular "wing mirrors" I ordered for Matilda-Rose off EBay.. so I can see what is coming up behind me when I cross roads on the cycle paths ... Could have done with those yesterday... on ME not Matilda... might have seen her then before I stepped back!!!!

  2. Awww poor you but your story did make me smile - sorry!!! Take care. Hugs x


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