Monday, 12 September 2011

M is for.....

Well, Monday for Starters.. and for a CD Sunday Challenge entry.. Monday is Good!!! :-)

Another week has flown by, and other CD Sunday Challenge, and this week it is, as the title says.. M is for....

M is for lots of things, but as luck would have it.. yesterday I uploaded a new CD to my site called Stitchin' Tails... not an M in sight... but.. they are Mouse Tails.. and M is very much for Mouse!

So double points on this one.. CD Sunday entry and Website plug! ;-)

I made an easel card using one of the shaker pages, and a huge flower from the matching tiles.. just cos I love the huge flowers at the moment...  a bit of ribbon and some little gems, and I decided to stop before I went to mad and overdid it!

Hope you like it..... and looking forward to seeing your Blog Challenge Entries!

Hugs xxxxxx

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Holiday Makes!

Had a last minute holiday at the end of the school break... it was lovely.. in Yarmouth, in a posh caravan, by the Sea, with bestest mate and daughter..... with craft stuff... and gin.. what more could be needed!! LOL

Took time to chillax, and get some samples ready for the NEC.. and this is what I made......

All using Tildas of course! LOL  Need to justify buying them somehow!!! Plus hopefully Stampers will see them at the show and we can talk them into buying CDs for backgrounds etc!!!   The last card needs finishing, but that was made on the last night, and to condense and help with homeward packing, the gin needed finishing too... no guesses which won! ROFL

Only a quick post today cos I am mad busy.. but more soon

Happy Crafting!


Monday, 5 September 2011

Been a funny day today....

My ickle bitty baby girl trotted off happily this morning in her blazer at the gates of her new school...  She was sooooo chuffed....  I stood and waved her off, all big and brave... but it was a bit breezy by the school and I think I got some grit in my eye or something!! ;-)

So home I came....  feel a bit.. I dunno...  not lost, not worried, just a bit sad I suppose that my baby has grown up so fast...  blink of an eye she will be a teenager...  then a sixth former.. then (fingers crossed, because she is desperate to go) a Uni student.. and then a Grown Up!  It is all going too quickly!

So I sat here...  did my farm.. tried to work, but not in the mood... what shall I do?

I decided to tidy and sort out my craft cupboard.. that would keep me busy as everything has just been stuffed into the nearest gap and I can't find anything!! LOL

OK.. where to start.. Pro Markers...  Oh How I Love Them...  But how to store them?  I have a fairly limited space, so one of those beautiful converted CD racks people are making is out of the question, at the moment they are all in a tidy bag, but it is a pain in the ... you know what, to find the colours...  need a new way to store them!

Plus you are supposed to keep them flat so that all the ink doesn't go to one end......  So, I thought, maybe loo roll tubes... on one of my shelves.. colour sort them...  No.. all the empties have gone.. would have to wait too long to get enough for that idea!

Then I thought boxes... little boxes... Hmmm...  and I had a rummage around....  surprising what I keep at the back of shelves! LOL

so I stuck em all together.............. lots of glue!

and lots of parcel tape!!

and then I covered them....  very inexpertly I will be the first to admit, and in hindsight, should have done the insides of the boxes first, then stuck them together, but hey ho!

Finally I made a little "ramp" bit for the front so it was leaning slightly backwards...

And in went my pens!

Much Better....  OK, the box isn't brilliant, but it is only on my desk and I am not fussed!! :-)  Plus it fits neatly into one of the shelves, so can be cleared away....  Now all I have to do is find some little white round sticky dots so I can colour them in and stick them on the end of each pen!  But not today! LOL

If you like this and want to make one.. have fun.. if it turns out better than mine.. I will be jealous!!!

Take care

hugs xxxxxxx

Saturday, 3 September 2011

A quick five minute moan.....

about the need and necessity for absolute clarification on labels these days!

We take everything so literally, we put our faith in descriptions, instructions and the such like, but be warned.....  WE ARE LIED TO!!!!!

Seriously.. we are!

I mean... take today as an example.. I popped to the local supermarket.. but any supermarket would have done......  I bought me some srcummy wine.....  I stood for a while deliberating the pros and cons of various makes, vintages and special offers, and decided that a box of wine (going on the box description) was the best value......

I was assured... In black and white, that this box contains 18, yes EIGHTEEN glasses of wine......

You can only imagine my utter disappointment now at being so blatantly and cruelly lied to.......


Big hugs till next time....