Thursday, 28 February 2013

T is for......

Thursday.. as well as Tuesday!

Hello... late again this week... still very busy sorting, but I am starting to get somewhere now which is good! Only a quick blog while I have my coffee break.... and then I will leave you in peace!
I finished my Mirror Image challenge piece.... in the nick of time.. it shuts today (ish!.. I set it, so I can change the rules.. but I was good and did it on time!)

So here it is..... The rules...
One picture... Mirrored Four times, each image using a different media.......

(why is it upside down?!?!?!)

I will be the first to say it is not perfect.... but it was fun to do!

Quick close ups of each section...... (the whole background was spray inked and then ghosted with stencils)

Black pen Zentangled

Derwent Intense Pencils.. heavily coloured and blended, then water washed

Paper scraps... and some black pen

Twinkling H2O's and metallic pro markers

Right.. that is it from me..... sadly the craft cupboard now has to be closed up and moved.. so not sure what will be happening with next weeks Piece a Week.... but I am sure the girls will be busy producing beautiful art.. so don't forget to click that link!

Toodles! xxxx

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Triumphant Tuesday!

Good Morning Beautiful Bloggers!!!
How are we all this lovely morning... Don't know about where you are, but the sun is shining and the birds are twittering... Looking a lovely day out there.. cold yes.. but lovely!

Had another busy week, doing... Stuff! But at the weekend, I gave myself some time off to actually try and produce something worth blogging.. (we will pretend last week didn't happen OK!) So I dug out all my parchment tools, and a pattern from the very talented Gail Sydenham that I have been wanting to do for ages......

I won't bore you all with a long rambling post about how it did it.. it is Parchment.. I parched it! LOL ... so here it is!

Considering I haven't really touched my parchment tools in the last 9 or 10 months, I am thrilled at how she came out! I really enjoyed doing her hair.. I love Coloursoft pencils!!!

All I have to do now, is decide a backing card for her..... I have a few ideas... Whaddya think?

I think I am leaning towards the lilac..... But I am not sure yet!

Right.. back to doing housewifey/half term mummy stuff...... have a great day/week... catch ya soon!
Toodles! xxxxx

Pssst... don't forget to click the link .. see what the other clever ladies have been up to this week.. there are some stunners!!! x

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tentatively Tiptoeing past Tuesday

Cos I failed!

Morning Blog land..... Busy week... and despite all my best intentions and best laid plans.... it didn't happen.... BUT I am blogging about it.. so I am halfway there!

Still trying to sort my way through my house... My back is not talking to me.. which is probably a good thing, cos if It was I would certainly have to sent it to the naughty corner until it controlled its language! :-) I have thrown away so much, and I am starting to find walls and floor space.. so that is good! I knew there was more floor than I could see.. Maybe I should do this Spring Clean lark more than once every six or seven years!!!!!

I got rid of this yesterday......

BOOKS!!! About 200 of them.. GONE!!!!! I hate myself! :-( But.. I do still have lots... much more than went, so I will have to try and console myself with that thought... plus I still have all my Dictionaries.. All 37 of them.. there are going nowhere!!!!

Really want to get all the house sorted ASAP, and finished.. and decorated.. I am having the most humongous Art Withdrawal Symptoms it is untrue...

So.. to my Piece A Week.... yeah.. ermm.. OK.. errr.. Here we go.....

How totally pathetic! Seven days, and two inked postcards, one uncoloured girly face, and a sprayed beermat and some chip bits! I am not fit to be called a crafter right now! LOL

Oh well.. onwards and upwar.. sideways maybe.... Off to empty the understairs cupboard.. then I might barricade myself in it and ART!!!!!

Sad Hugs.. from a very clean and non inky lady! :-)

Toodles! xxxx

(p.s.. My house isn't really that bad... just very very very tiny.. and I do "like" stuff, and as I have it all out now to sort.... Bye Bye Floors! LOL xxx)

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Whoops! It's Wednesday!

So who stole Tuesday then?!?!?!

Morning Fellow Bloggers..... Back for my Piece a Week posting... had another busy week.. so we are on Work in Process again.....
Been trying out a new (to me) technique too.. and am very pleased with the results.....

So, my art for the week... First off, we have a new Mixed Media challenge. This month it is a mirror image composition, four images (the same) all mirror image to each other, and each image created in a separate media.. Here is the start of mine. I drew my image, and then traced it out... telling myself the whole time not to forget to mirror it... onto a inked and stenciled background... so far, so good!

Planning on doing some more to the page this week.....

Second WIP... some tags for a project I am doing..... Now this is where I have used the new to me technique.. I got the idea from watching a video by the very talented Dina Wakley. It was about stamping on uneven surfaces, and she stamped onto cheap tissue paper and then glued it down..... so I tried this with drawing.. and it worked fabulously! The tags need to be finished, but again, I am very happy with them so far!

Right... that's all from me... now I am back to sorting my house ready to decorate... that is if I can pull myself away from Catch Up telly.. after years of ignoring, I finally succumbed and watched a clip of Mrs Browns Boys this morning... Why did I not know how funny this was before??? Hooked!

OK.. going.... Toodles! xxx