Saturday, 19 November 2011

My Favourite Things!

Well Hello!!  Here I am again as part of a Blog Hop... I Love all this Hopping about....  it easily fits into this Hops Subject Matter, which is My Favourite Things!

You should have come to me from Leslie ......  If you didn't... leap back to the start by clicking here to take you to the Wonderful Gills Blog 

Oooooo  Thought me.. easy peasy.... but... It wasn't!  Not by a long shot!  Why was it so difficult... well.. what IS my Favourite, Favourite Thing of all my Favourite Things????



Errrrrrr.. Help! :-)

So I sat and had a good Thinkies about it, and came up with a few... Obviously my friends and Family are my total favourites, but, I had other ideas too... and after much deliberating.. here they are!

While at the NEC last weekend (which is part of My Favourites for starters), My friend, who wasn't even there at the time, twisted my arm soooooooo far behind my back that the only way I could free myself was to purchase a Smash Book!!!   (You know who you are.. and I love you for it!!!!!)

and here it is.......

I love it to bits... but it did cause me problems too... as an ex Librarian.. one Does Not Write In Books!!!  Or take random bits of paper and glue them down!  And the pages are soooooooo beautiful, how could I possibly de-face them??

So... I put on my Big Girl Pants... and I picked up the Glue stick....  and.....


This Smashing Lark is GREAT!!!   Deffo a Favourite Thing.....  and about a Favourite Thing too... here are my completed TWO pages.....  well.. how much do you want from me.. I can't cover every page.. this is gonna take time! LOL

Close ups.....

OK.. it may not seem much to the experienced Smasher.. but to me... I am soooooo Proud of me.. I SMASHED!!!!  Yayyyyy

My next page is all under construction too.. here is a sneakie Peekie.....

There was a double spread with a smashing picture of Old Bikes... Perfect I thought for a page about Matilda-Rose...  who is Very Very high on my Favourite Things list... just waiting to all be Smashed into place a some waffling to be done to fill the gaps!  For those interested.. the loose picture at the top of the page is what Matilda-Rose looks like!

Right... enough Chitter Chatter from me..... Your next Blog Hop is..................  Haidee


Debs x

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A little R and R needed!

Back from the NEC....  Had a fabulous four days, met so many old and new friends it was wonderful, and I had a blast...  Also managed to sell a few CD's :-) so the good news is... Stand B40 for those of you who can get to BlueWater in February!

A few piccies for you, only managed to take a few as we were a little tied up with customers after the show opened!

Front of the stand and all of the stand, with Camera Shy Worker Bee Hiding! :-)

My darling friends t'shirt... Bless her!

and my totally necessary shopping!!!

Roll on the next one!  Although between now and then I am going to "Practice Standing Up"  Why when I sit at my desk for 350 odd days of the year I think it is a Good Plan to stand up solid for four days I do not know, and I am a little ermmm, shall we say sore at the moment in the back department, so going to practice Standing Up on a regular basis so hopefully I don't hurt so much next time round :-)

Big hugs