Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another Tuesday!

They are whizzing by! As my darling hubby commented.. be Christmas soon..... I didn't feel that comment deserved a reply!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers! You will be pleased to know this is a short blog post for a change, and only one picture! :-)

My Piece of the Week.. I finished my Self Portrait..... and the good news is.. I love her again! I took on board your comments last week.. and put her away for a few days.... and then decided what to do..... and here she is!

I kept the blue flowers.. as you can see!!! Added more Zentangles and just generally played, using as many different media as I could .. without OverKill!

Don't forget to check out what the others have been up to... Link at the top.... looking forward to seeing the latest art.... they are so clever!

Ooooh and the eagle eyed may have noticed a new piccie on my side bar.. that will be a clickable link... soon!!!!

Big Inky Hugs.. have a great week.. and don't forget to leave me a message and say "hi"

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Weekly Piece Again!

Good Morning Blogland...... How much Snow??? Loving it... sadly keeping with the theme of the year so far, I am too Blurgh to go and play... sobbing! Had a bit of dental surgery done last week.. nothing major.. just five teeth out!!! So a bit fragile and sore at the moment... but hey.. good excuse to sit in and craft!

Well, as I type.. Tuesday again.... time for.. Drum Roll.... Piece of the Week!!!! Button over to the right of the screen so you can go and see what the other lovely ladies are up too!

Right... I also set a prize challenge in a group to produce a Self Portrait in Mixed Media, using at least 5 different mediums to do so.. Although I am not eligible to win for obvious reasons.. I wanted to play along... so here we go!

(Pssst.. when the competition ends.. I will ask the permission of the other ladies to borrow the pictures and show you all if you are interested.. been some fabulous entries so far!)

Anyway.. for my self portrait... I printed out a picture of me (I found one I actually liked) and blew it up to full page so I could work in my large Journal.....

I then lightly scribbled all over the back of it with a charcoal pencil, and traced it onto my page, and covered with a healthy layer or two of Gesso..... and traced over in waterproof pen (changing the hairstyle to match todays!)....

Then the fun started! I masked off my face, and got the spray inks out (Dylusions.. of course!!)Which I ghosted with stencils and water.... Then I coloured my face and hair... Neatness I would like to stress is NOT part of the exercise... phew!

Here I am with some of my make up on :-) ......

So far... even if I say so myself.. I am loving it!!!!

OK.. I have used... Charcoal pencil, Gesso, Posca Pens, Dylusion Inks, Stencils and Water, Coloursoft Pencils, Inktense Pencils, (Gotta Love Derwent!) Twinkling H2O's and metallic promarkers...... Loads to do, and loads more to use.. stamps and glittery stuff and ribbons and Zentangle etc...... so the next step was stamping.. (which I forgot to photo!) and more H2O colouring......

...and I HATE it!!!!!

Oh well.. the joy of Mixed Media Journalling.... it can be changed! LOL

So... this week, I will be "fiddling with it" to see what happens.....

Right.. Sorry it was a long blog.. Gold Stars if you stayed to the end.. and leave me a comment.. would love to know your opinions on my ruined pretty picture! LOL
Biggest snowy hugs.. stay warm and inky.. and see you next week!

Mwah Mwah Mwah x

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Two pieces this week!

Good Morning Bloggers! I hope you are all surviving the snow... we have loads here.. loads and loads and loads... must be all of a centimetre..... Talk about a let down! :-) Got myself all excited about the reports and the news warnings... for what! Not a lot! LOL Oh Well!

Right.. here we are again... Piece A Week time! And what a week it has been! Having a new kitchen put in..... desperately needed.. but the more the week went on the more drilling, plumbing, banging swearing, plaster dust, electrical stuff.. stuff stuff and mess... the more I loved and missed the old kitchen sitting in the front garden! I had Kitchen everywhere... including all over my craft desk.. so I am very proud of myself that I managed to actually find space to create anything! We are on the last stages now.. and I have the wonderful task of putting the house back in order and trying to find everything we moved to shuffle kitchens around! Ho Hum!

Anyway... Art..... two pieces this week.. both very much work in progress... yeah.. like the kitchen! LOL Hopefully everything will be completed soon!

Journal page.... in my big 11 x11 inch Journal.... the one I am being very brave in and working direct to page... as you can tell by the way the ink has seeped through from other pages! :-) The first lot of painting has been done using H2O's and the outlining.... just needs to be filled with oooodles of Zentangles......

Second piece.... I have been planning this for a while and playing about with "testers" and I now have the techniques sussed... I think!!!!
What is it... ahhhh.. you will have to wait and see!

Right.. that is it from me for now..... Don't forget to click the piccie at the top right of the screen.. The Piece A Week logo, and pop over to Rita's to see all the luvverly work being produced... The Girls are Doing Good! I Love being part of this group!

(oh.. and leave me a message!!!! Just so I don't feel lonely!)

Toodles! xxxxx

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Piece a Week.. Week Two

and a day late.. yes I know! :-)
But in my defence..I am having a new kitchen put in and the whole house is upside down, I have stuff everywhere, and I have lost my desk!!!!!

This is only a quick blog post... because I am surrounded by drilling and sawing, and no matter where I am.. I am in the way! Tomorrow I am running away with my mummy to Ikea.. I may take my Kindle and just sit on the first sofa I see and waiting for mum to go full circle and pick me up! LOL

Anyways... As you may have read on previous posts.. I am doing the My Candy Workshop, one of our first tasks was to list our intentions for 2013... Intentions is a much kinder word than Resolutions.. so I am happy! We had to do a double page spread for them in our journal..... with everything occurring.. this is how far I have got.. but Hey.. I managed something!

Right.. I am off now.. before I get in the way of something else! Looking forward to finding my house again!

Pop over to the lovely Rita to see the art produced this week by the others... who are not fighting furniture to find anything!... Oh.. and leave me a comment.. I could do with sympathy this week! LOL

Toodles xxxxx

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

A Piece A Week

Has started!!!!

Happy New Year Fellow Bloggers! And I am starting the new year as I mean to continue!

A smashing little group I have joined... such luvverly ladies and such Talent.... I can see my word of the year (Accept) is going to have to be used here as I continue to try and Accept My Art as Mine and not be totally Green with Envy at the talent of the others! I am going to learn as much as I can in this group and I am looking forward to all the support and encouragement that there will be floating around!

So.. in my last Blog post, I showed you a heap of chip bits.... well, I "Arted" them

I sprayed some bits, painted other bits and covered the back board with paper, which I scrubbed a bit of Gesso onto to mute it a little.....

Then.. I picked up a trusty Posca pen.. and doodled... Or Zentangled if you want the posh name! Then I stuck it all together.....

Ta Da!!!!

So.. with this weeks Art blogged.. I am now off to start creating something for next week.... I am DETERMINED to keep up.... this is such a fabulous group, both for keeping me Arty and keeping me Blogging.. something I normally forget to do! If you fancy joining in.. the luvverly Rita explains all here.

So... See you all next Tuesday, with another work of "art" :-)

Toodles! xxxx