Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Two pieces this week!

Good Morning Bloggers! I hope you are all surviving the snow... we have loads here.. loads and loads and loads... must be all of a centimetre..... Talk about a let down! :-) Got myself all excited about the reports and the news warnings... for what! Not a lot! LOL Oh Well!

Right.. here we are again... Piece A Week time! And what a week it has been! Having a new kitchen put in..... desperately needed.. but the more the week went on the more drilling, plumbing, banging swearing, plaster dust, electrical stuff.. stuff stuff and mess... the more I loved and missed the old kitchen sitting in the front garden! I had Kitchen everywhere... including all over my craft desk.. so I am very proud of myself that I managed to actually find space to create anything! We are on the last stages now.. and I have the wonderful task of putting the house back in order and trying to find everything we moved to shuffle kitchens around! Ho Hum!

Anyway... Art..... two pieces this week.. both very much work in progress... yeah.. like the kitchen! LOL Hopefully everything will be completed soon!

Journal page.... in my big 11 x11 inch Journal.... the one I am being very brave in and working direct to page... as you can tell by the way the ink has seeped through from other pages! :-) The first lot of painting has been done using H2O's and the outlining.... just needs to be filled with oooodles of Zentangles......

Second piece.... I have been planning this for a while and playing about with "testers" and I now have the techniques sussed... I think!!!!
What is it... ahhhh.. you will have to wait and see!

Right.. that is it from me for now..... Don't forget to click the piccie at the top right of the screen.. The Piece A Week logo, and pop over to Rita's to see all the luvverly work being produced... The Girls are Doing Good! I Love being part of this group!

(oh.. and leave me a message!!!! Just so I don't feel lonely!)

Toodles! xxxxx


  1. First of all well done on creating in such surrounding. Love what you have done this week and cant wait to see it when it is filled in with them tangles. Also cant wait to see what the tester turns into............

  2. Agree with everything Sue put. Only I know what the tester will be and looking good. xxxxx


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