Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Piece a Week.. Week Two

and a day late.. yes I know! :-)
But in my defence..I am having a new kitchen put in and the whole house is upside down, I have stuff everywhere, and I have lost my desk!!!!!

This is only a quick blog post... because I am surrounded by drilling and sawing, and no matter where I am.. I am in the way! Tomorrow I am running away with my mummy to Ikea.. I may take my Kindle and just sit on the first sofa I see and waiting for mum to go full circle and pick me up! LOL

Anyways... As you may have read on previous posts.. I am doing the My Candy Workshop, one of our first tasks was to list our intentions for 2013... Intentions is a much kinder word than Resolutions.. so I am happy! We had to do a double page spread for them in our journal..... with everything occurring.. this is how far I have got.. but Hey.. I managed something!

Right.. I am off now.. before I get in the way of something else! Looking forward to finding my house again!

Pop over to the lovely Rita to see the art produced this week by the others... who are not fighting furniture to find anything!... Oh.. and leave me a comment.. I could do with sympathy this week! LOL

Toodles xxxxx

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