Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Another Tuesday!

They are whizzing by! As my darling hubby commented.. be Christmas soon..... I didn't feel that comment deserved a reply!

Good Morning Fellow Bloggers! You will be pleased to know this is a short blog post for a change, and only one picture! :-)

My Piece of the Week.. I finished my Self Portrait..... and the good news is.. I love her again! I took on board your comments last week.. and put her away for a few days.... and then decided what to do..... and here she is!

I kept the blue flowers.. as you can see!!! Added more Zentangles and just generally played, using as many different media as I could .. without OverKill!

Don't forget to check out what the others have been up to... Link at the top.... looking forward to seeing the latest art.... they are so clever!

Ooooh and the eagle eyed may have noticed a new piccie on my side bar.. that will be a clickable link... soon!!!!

Big Inky Hugs.. have a great week.. and don't forget to leave me a message and say "hi"


  1. Wow Debs, it looks amazing. I love how you've finished it with the zentangles in the hair, and the use of a white pen which has lift the whole picture. I'm glad you like it now.

    Sue x

  2. Loving that you now love her again. Well done Mrs Deb's

  3. this is fab Debs, really love it xx

  4. Fantastic piece of artwork
    Ruth x

  5. I LOVE this piece! You are very brave trying out a self portrait. I am sorry but i won't do one of me....i feel there are better things to look at than my ugly fizzug lol.....saying that, i did do an alternative self portrait in art class. That was easy. Just had to draw some of our favourite things. Anyway, i'm off has a nosey around . Xx


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