Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Whoops! It's Wednesday!

So who stole Tuesday then?!?!?!

Morning Fellow Bloggers..... Back for my Piece a Week posting... had another busy week.. so we are on Work in Process again.....
Been trying out a new (to me) technique too.. and am very pleased with the results.....

So, my art for the week... First off, we have a new Mixed Media challenge. This month it is a mirror image composition, four images (the same) all mirror image to each other, and each image created in a separate media.. Here is the start of mine. I drew my image, and then traced it out... telling myself the whole time not to forget to mirror it... onto a inked and stenciled background... so far, so good!

Planning on doing some more to the page this week.....

Second WIP... some tags for a project I am doing..... Now this is where I have used the new to me technique.. I got the idea from watching a video by the very talented Dina Wakley. It was about stamping on uneven surfaces, and she stamped onto cheap tissue paper and then glued it down..... so I tried this with drawing.. and it worked fabulously! The tags need to be finished, but again, I am very happy with them so far!

Right... that's all from me... now I am back to sorting my house ready to decorate... that is if I can pull myself away from Catch Up telly.. after years of ignoring, I finally succumbed and watched a clip of Mrs Browns Boys this morning... Why did I not know how funny this was before??? Hooked!

OK.. going.... Toodles! xxx


  1. I'm impressed by you dedication Debs and also the talent that is coming through loud and clear.

  2. Hi Debs, I'm loving the mirror technique the detail is brilliant!
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the time it takes and your comment really made my day!!! Thanks and I hope you enjoyed the hop.
    Have a wonderfully creative Day!
    HuGs Kim x


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