Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Triumphant Tuesday!

Good Morning Beautiful Bloggers!!!
How are we all this lovely morning... Don't know about where you are, but the sun is shining and the birds are twittering... Looking a lovely day out there.. cold yes.. but lovely!

Had another busy week, doing... Stuff! But at the weekend, I gave myself some time off to actually try and produce something worth blogging.. (we will pretend last week didn't happen OK!) So I dug out all my parchment tools, and a pattern from the very talented Gail Sydenham that I have been wanting to do for ages......

I won't bore you all with a long rambling post about how it did it.. it is Parchment.. I parched it! LOL ... so here it is!

Considering I haven't really touched my parchment tools in the last 9 or 10 months, I am thrilled at how she came out! I really enjoyed doing her hair.. I love Coloursoft pencils!!!

All I have to do now, is decide a backing card for her..... I have a few ideas... Whaddya think?

I think I am leaning towards the lilac..... But I am not sure yet!

Right.. back to doing housewifey/half term mummy stuff...... have a great day/week... catch ya soon!
Toodles! xxxxx

Pssst... don't forget to click the link .. see what the other clever ladies have been up to this week.. there are some stunners!!! x


  1. This is gorgeous Debs, and well worth taking the time off to make. I have great admiration for all the parchers out there, cos I know I would not patients to make something like this.

    Sue x

  2. Red or Blue Debs. Others don't show through the gridwork. Lovely piece. xxx


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