Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Tentatively Tiptoeing past Tuesday

Cos I failed!

Morning Blog land..... Busy week... and despite all my best intentions and best laid plans.... it didn't happen.... BUT I am blogging about it.. so I am halfway there!

Still trying to sort my way through my house... My back is not talking to me.. which is probably a good thing, cos if It was I would certainly have to sent it to the naughty corner until it controlled its language! :-) I have thrown away so much, and I am starting to find walls and floor space.. so that is good! I knew there was more floor than I could see.. Maybe I should do this Spring Clean lark more than once every six or seven years!!!!!

I got rid of this yesterday......

BOOKS!!! About 200 of them.. GONE!!!!! I hate myself! :-( But.. I do still have lots... much more than went, so I will have to try and console myself with that thought... plus I still have all my Dictionaries.. All 37 of them.. there are going nowhere!!!!

Really want to get all the house sorted ASAP, and finished.. and decorated.. I am having the most humongous Art Withdrawal Symptoms it is untrue...

So.. to my Piece A Week.... yeah.. ermm.. OK.. errr.. Here we go.....

How totally pathetic! Seven days, and two inked postcards, one uncoloured girly face, and a sprayed beermat and some chip bits! I am not fit to be called a crafter right now! LOL

Oh well.. onwards and upwar.. sideways maybe.... Off to empty the understairs cupboard.. then I might barricade myself in it and ART!!!!!

Sad Hugs.. from a very clean and non inky lady! :-)

Toodles! xxxx

(p.s.. My house isn't really that bad... just very very very tiny.. and I do "like" stuff, and as I have it all out now to sort.... Bye Bye Floors! LOL xxx)

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  1. Sometime life has a habit of getting in way of crafting, and there's not a lot we can do about it Debs. I've been like that for the last 5 months, but I live in hope that I will get back to a little bit of crafting everyday, and soon. I hope you life.. house.. clearing..sorting..get sorted quicker that mine.

    Sue x


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