Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Weekly Piece Again!

Good Morning Blogland...... How much Snow??? Loving it... sadly keeping with the theme of the year so far, I am too Blurgh to go and play... sobbing! Had a bit of dental surgery done last week.. nothing major.. just five teeth out!!! So a bit fragile and sore at the moment... but hey.. good excuse to sit in and craft!

Well, as I type.. Tuesday again.... time for.. Drum Roll.... Piece of the Week!!!! Button over to the right of the screen so you can go and see what the other lovely ladies are up too!

Right... I also set a prize challenge in a group to produce a Self Portrait in Mixed Media, using at least 5 different mediums to do so.. Although I am not eligible to win for obvious reasons.. I wanted to play along... so here we go!

(Pssst.. when the competition ends.. I will ask the permission of the other ladies to borrow the pictures and show you all if you are interested.. been some fabulous entries so far!)

Anyway.. for my self portrait... I printed out a picture of me (I found one I actually liked) and blew it up to full page so I could work in my large Journal.....

I then lightly scribbled all over the back of it with a charcoal pencil, and traced it onto my page, and covered with a healthy layer or two of Gesso..... and traced over in waterproof pen (changing the hairstyle to match todays!)....

Then the fun started! I masked off my face, and got the spray inks out (Dylusions.. of course!!)Which I ghosted with stencils and water.... Then I coloured my face and hair... Neatness I would like to stress is NOT part of the exercise... phew!

Here I am with some of my make up on :-) ......

So far... even if I say so myself.. I am loving it!!!!

OK.. I have used... Charcoal pencil, Gesso, Posca Pens, Dylusion Inks, Stencils and Water, Coloursoft Pencils, Inktense Pencils, (Gotta Love Derwent!) Twinkling H2O's and metallic promarkers...... Loads to do, and loads more to use.. stamps and glittery stuff and ribbons and Zentangle etc...... so the next step was stamping.. (which I forgot to photo!) and more H2O colouring......

...and I HATE it!!!!!

Oh well.. the joy of Mixed Media Journalling.... it can be changed! LOL

So... this week, I will be "fiddling with it" to see what happens.....

Right.. Sorry it was a long blog.. Gold Stars if you stayed to the end.. and leave me a comment.. would love to know your opinions on my ruined pretty picture! LOL
Biggest snowy hugs.. stay warm and inky.. and see you next week!

Mwah Mwah Mwah x


  1. hi debs, your self portrait is brilliant. i love the bold colours you have used. i quite like your flowery hair :) have fun changing it to something you are happy with. here's a snowball from brum ** @ **

  2. I don't know why you think it's ruined Debs, I like it. You have a far away dreamy look (obviously thinking about playing in the snow), I love the flowery hair, a real trend setter.

    Sue x

  3. Love it Debs - but promise no flowers on our next trip to Wisley.

  4. actually...I love it...love the flowers in your hair...have fun making it into something you love again...Dorothy

  5. Wow I am impressed poorly and crafting way to flippin go. Love the portrait, love the bold colours, love that you found a photo that you liked, loved the flowers not loving that you hate it................. Keep it up gold stars on the way

  6. Well done you. I like the pic you chose but then I took it so why wouldn't I LOL! Love what you have done with it and I like the flowers. Hope you manage to change to something you like. xxxxxx

  7. Love the flowers in your hair! Great page. Hope you are feeling much better... that was some serious work you had done :-(


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