Tuesday, 8 November 2011

A little R and R needed!

Back from the NEC....  Had a fabulous four days, met so many old and new friends it was wonderful, and I had a blast...  Also managed to sell a few CD's :-) so the good news is... Stand B40 for those of you who can get to BlueWater in February!

A few piccies for you, only managed to take a few as we were a little tied up with customers after the show opened!

Front of the stand and all of the stand, with Camera Shy Worker Bee Hiding! :-)

My darling friends t'shirt... Bless her!

and my totally necessary shopping!!!

Roll on the next one!  Although between now and then I am going to "Practice Standing Up"  Why when I sit at my desk for 350 odd days of the year I think it is a Good Plan to stand up solid for four days I do not know, and I am a little ermmm, shall we say sore at the moment in the back department, so going to practice Standing Up on a regular basis so hopefully I don't hurt so much next time round :-)

Big hugs

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  1. Good to see the photos Debs - but you weren't meant to spend the takings! Is that Valerie's back in the tee shirt? Hope you recover soon.


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