Monday, 9 May 2011

"Beautiful" Paper Flowers.....

Even if I do say so myself!!!!

Hello!  Me again... look what happens when I take a few days off work to sort things out ....... I seem to live in Blog-Land instead! LOL

I have joined an on-line group who are dedicated (and dare I say slightly addicted) to making paper flowers, and the ones they have been posting are STUNNING!!!!  They have also been very helpful and posted loads of How-To videos, so I thought.. why not!  I didn't have the CD they were using (only cos the postie hasn't delivered it yet!!!!  Shhhh.. I didn't say that!!) but in my rather healthy CD collection I do have the wonderful Little Big Tree Wings and Flowers CD... not used it for ages.. in fact not used it since I bought the new computer.. so not installed...  well.. that was this morning accounted for... finding the CD.. luckily it was in the 4th place I looked, so I didn't give up in a raging temper, but sat and played

(which as an aside is a miracle in itself as I was up till 4 last night cos it was too hot and sticky to sleep, so when the alarm went off at 6.30, I said some very very rude words and have been so crossed eyed all day I can actually see out of my opposite ears!!!!)

Anyway... I played and played and played... and am actually rather impressed....  can't wait to see what I make when the proper CD turns up!

Not bad for my first attempt eh! LOL  And the first one I made, the blue one was made using the kitchen scissors cos I was too sleepy to drag my craft cupboard open to get the snips out!

Going to make some more.. I am having sooo much fun... and I might be a big brave girl and......
get the glitter out!!!!!



  1. Just noticed.. uploaded the picture of the last flower with the silicone spillage... I have cleaned that up!!! xxx

  2. They are great Deb just got into flowers myself have had a look at that site for cd looks good but would be better if it was your cd lol xx

  3. LOL Thanks Sue... might have to see what I can do..... xxxx

  4. Oh my, these are so beautiful BUT you are a tease as you haven't shared the online group or the CD. LOL
    Hope you sleep better tonight so you can 'play' some more tomorrow.
    Christine xxx

  5. Thank you Christine.. I did have fun.. and yes.. hoping to sleep better so I refreshed and ready to play more tomorrow! LOL The CD can be got HERE I have the first CD but am very tempted by the second... but might have to wait till next month having just bought the new My Craft Studio flower one to do more of these!!! As for the group... I will check with the lady who runs it that I can spread the word! If I can... will post in large letters.... some great ideas there....

    hugs xxxx

    Aww.. linky thing doesn't work when replying... so here is the link the old fashioned way!

  6. Brilliant - just "bloomin" brilliant!

  7. Oh Christine... Groans!!! ROFL... Big big hugs mate. xxx


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