Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Final Installment of the Pencil Mutilation Saga!

Well.. until I start the next pattern and mutilate them all over again!!! :-)

Ok.. last instalment ended with the leaves done... so on to the roses... I was dreading this bit.. cos me and flowers Do Not Get On!   But... I was brave.. and had a go......

So far... so good.....   onto the second rose.......

and starting to feel a bit smug.. this is only my second try at this... and no Kanni to help/rescue me!

With the roses as good as they were going to get... I dared not fiddle... that is when it all goes wrong... onto the gridwork....

Lots of crosses to cut out.. and all the middle bits and the four "windows"  oooooo so much scope for it to go Very Wrong....

But it didn't!!!!!!  Yayyyy Me!!!  Have to say I am feeling a bit smug and pleased with myself.....  LOOK!!!

Really really happy with how it turned out....  even if it did kill a couple of my pencils! LOL

The pattern is by Kanni .... details here ... some truly stunning designs.. she is so talented it is untrue.  The pattern was traced onto black parchment and was coloured in using Derwent Coloursoft pencils...  I think they are fabulous... I know people swear by Faber Castels, but on parchment I much prefer the Coloursoft becasue they are so.. well, soft!  They blend beautifully and because they are so soft, you can use a fair bit of pressure without accidentally embossing the parchment as you go!

Right.... off to get some work done.. coffee break over.. then this evening I can decide which pattern to start next!

Have a great day.. and thanks for reading


  1. Absolutely STUNNING Debs - well done on your perseverance and patience - no one would guess this is all fairly new to you. Can't wait to see what you do next! XX

  2. Thank You Christine... I really enjoyed this one... have started another.. so we will see if I have it sussed, or if this one was a fluke! LOL
    Big hugs

  3. well done Debs, onwards and upwards, what next.

  4. Thanks Sue... I am having a bash at another one from the same pattern pack... while I am on a roll sharpening my pencils, I may as well carry on! LOL

  5. No wonder you are pleased as punch, this is so gorgeous, fab colouring and your grid work is superb. Well done you.
    Christine xxx


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