Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Totally Triumphant Tuesday!!!!

Yayyyy! OK.. we are still clearing and sorting and decorating.. but at the weekend I thought.. I have had enough! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to play.. so I did!

A few months ago, the totally fabulous Effy Wild (YouTube her..... make a coffee, a big one, and YouTube her!) made a video showing how to make a stitch bound journal.. I loved it, but didn't have time to sit and play, but I remembered enough of the basics to have a go at it.....

Ok.. we started life as a large stretched canvas and a heap of A4 card stock folded in half

I cut the dried canvas out of the frame..measured (sort of!!), and folded in "half" so it would nake a wrap around cover for the pages.... I used the offcuts to make a pile of flowers with a the Big Shot.

And I played! LOL Lots of brads, and ribbons and charms etc.. I had a blast.... (which considering most of my stuff is packed.. I think I did well! LOL)

I then sewed the "signatures" (pages) together, three at a time to make mini six page booklets... five times, sewed them all together, glued the front page to a piece of A3 folded and cut down, and glued to the front of the cover.....

Taaa Daaa!

Not perfect I know... but I was half making it up as I went cos I had forgotten what Effy had said! :-)
I am going to hunt out my A3 card when I have finished the house and make a square journal next.. I am thinking 8x8, ans as I know all the bits I made difficult this time.. the next one will be much betterer!!!

Right.. off to add this to the Piece A Week.. which I have been neglecting.. bad me... and back to the Glossing! Hate Gloss by the way.... but 'tis nearly done!

Toodles! xxxx

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Move along please!

Nothing to see here!


Nothing.. bad week art wise.. OK. I still have till Monday to qualify for the Piece A Week.... but so far.. Nil, Nada, Zilch!

Oh Well..... Back to packing everything away.. decorating and sulking cos my back is refusing to let me do anything I want and I can't stand up straight without producing a temper tantrum a stroppy toddler would be proud of!! (Hey.. I did produce something..... maybe I should have taken a picture of that to post! LOL)

Got a zillion arty ideas... but they will all have to wait!

Toodles! xxxx

Tuesday, 5 March 2013

I did it!!!!

I made something.... and in time for Tuesday! Yayyyyyy Cupboard really has to go away though.. so who knows what next week will bring, but hey.. that is seven days to go.. I will worry about it then! :-)

So.. my piece a week..... this week I have actually made something with a purpose, as opposed to just chucking something together..... I am entering a Blo9g Challenge, so I had rules to follow.... Nice simple ones... Mixed Media.. and Wings.....

So here we go!

I took a whole load of "stuff" A clear CD blank which I covered with that paper that has a coloured core (I know there is a name for it.. but at this time in the morning.. not happening!!!!) which I had put through the Big shot with a Tim Holtz "Cog" embossing folder and sanded...... there is also a selection of inked up chipboard shapes, the front off an old mini speaker, a shaped beer mat and two tree shapes that I had embossed in the big shot on that paper and sanded.

Then I made it all into an Owl!!!! I am heavily into Owls at the moment, and having seen one a friend of mine had made... very Steam Punk.. I wanted to have a play..... I also added some sticky backed pearls, eyelets, metal embellishments, buttons for the feet (how chuffed was I that I had six buttons the same!!) and then I doodled a bit!

Close up of his quizzical face!!!

So.. there we go..... Now last week I forgot.. so off to link it to The Piece A Week group... and to the Challenge Blog....... FABULOUS blog.. and FABULOUS site... Carfty Enblies .... Oh My! If you Alter stuff.... you need to see this site! Soooo much scrummy stuff, all begging to be inked and stencilsed and and and and.. My wish list is a mile long! Go have a look.... you will not be disappointed!

Well.. Happy Arting all.. have a great week... (hope this frost lifts.. it is March after all)

Catch ya soon! Toodles! xxxx