Thursday, 31 May 2012

Journal update!

Morning!!!  Just a quick blog to show you that I actually finished one of the unfinished pages of my last blog....    And here it is

Right.. now you all have to go and sit down and recover... cos that is it!  End of Blog Post.. Only one picture.. Gasp Shock Horror!  I must be ill! :-)

Toodles!!! xxxxx

Monday, 28 May 2012

Wonderful Weekend!

Hello and Good Monday Morning!

Was away for the weekend at a luvverly friends, and we Played!!!!!! (as well as chatted, and giggled and chatted, and giggled.. you get the picture!)

And we Journalled!!!!

I had a new book which I started, and I got inky and messy AND I art-ed direct to page.. I was soooooo Brave! :-)

And here it is so far..........

Inside page....  Dylusion Stamps and inky mess through stencils!  Coloured/painted with Inktense pencils

 Flower (no...really!!!!!) Chalk mists and a HUGE stamp (the stamp is chalk misted too)

To be finished... Dylusion Stamps and Acrylic Paint

More chalk mists (I do like them!!!) A stencil and dimensional paint , the adorable Willow (I think!!) and stamps and fat pens

Guess what sprays????  Leaf stencil and Paper Artsy stamps... needs to be finished
 H20's this time.... and a stencil.... needs to be considered and then when I have thought of something.. finished!

Bit pleased with myself!  I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed those chalk sprays though!!!!!!!

Hugs all

Monday, 14 May 2012

What a load of .......


Morning Blogland Luvverlies!   I "ran away" this weekend.. with a wonderful friend, to stay with a very dear friend, and on Saturday we invaded RHS Wisley with even more fabulous friends!  It was a brilliant day... Wisley is so fantastic.. if you have never been.. you must!  We go there every few months for a meet up, and I have to say, this time, Wisley was truly beautiful.. the colours were stunning.. piccies to follow!  We were so lucky with the weather too.... rained all last week, raining as I type.. but Glorious Sun Shine on Saturday... How frightfully Civilized! :-)

Anyway.. we were a group..  10 of us in total.. and it was lovely to catch up.. we walked and talked.. talked and walked, sat and had coffee and talked, walked and talked some more.. my back HATES me today, but it was sooooo worth it!

Very informative day too... (hence the Blog Title!). a friend and I discovered a VITAL piece of information that had been kept from us for waaaaayyyyy too many years.....  WHY had we not known this before??  Oh the opportunities missed by us not knowing!  We were almost crying with laughter (yes.. I admit.. neither of us has Maturity as our middle name.. nor do we want any of it!!)  But, Oh, the hysteria in the Glass House.... we were getting some odd looks .. but we were too busy laughing and holding each other up to care!!!  We also proceeded to giggle our way around the rest of Wisley while I was mentally composing suitable Blog Posts!

What was this piece of Vital Information we had been so sadly ignorant of?

I will show you (yes I HAD to take a picture cos it made us laugh so much... and No.. Maturity is not an issue in my life as previously stated!!!!)

OK.. so we both regressed into spotty pre-teen school boys laughing at the dirty joke.. but we did it soooo well!   And there were Orchids everywhere...  so the hilarity of the whole moment.. lasted!

I can appreciate that those who of a Horticultural mind will have known this, (I know Pretty Red Flower, Pretty Yellow Flower, Pretty Pink Flower etc, Rose, Daffodil, Tulip, Daisy and Sunflower.. all gets a bit foggy after that!!) and those whose humour does not reside in the gutter may not find it as funny as we did...  But it made our day!

So... trying to redeem myself here from my filthy sense of humour, and make myself look adult and all that.. here are some pretty pictures.... of flowers,  scenes, ducks, and yes.. Testicles!!!!! ( Hah!  I said Testicles on my blog!!!!! )
  Enjoy! xxxxx

The rockery!

I love this plant.. think it is amazing!

Such stunning colours!

Was totally taken by the faces in these....  Love them!

The "Caterpillar Cactus"!

Yes.. this one makes me and my friend giggle too!!!!

I think these are incredible.. they look like little nurseries for Fairy Babies!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Road to being An Artist!


You remember that book I bought... well....  It has changed somewhat!  It has had several covers painted on, and taken off, and it has now had all of its pages removed and put back.. well some of them! LOL  Poor Book.. still I think it was a journey worth taking.. and I am THRILLED with the results.... and with how much I have come on with this Art Stuff!  I am now Proud to stand up and Shout.. I AM An Artist!

OK..Lots of Pictures... Sorry!  One base painted front page

Decorated "randomly"  I like doing this bit sooooo much!

Add a face....

 Ewww.. Not Pretty... Face base coated and ready to... ermmm... :-)

 Hmmm... Hiccup number 1.... She "peeled"

Right.. I did try to fix the problem.. but it wasn't having any of it.... so .. Base Coat Take two!

And a new spritzy inky cover

Draw and colour Girlie off the page, so she doesn't Peel again

 And stick down.....    And play.............

And Hate Her!!!!

Then, My beloved and Trusty Amazon delivered a Birthday Pressie to me... Doodles Unleashed, Oh WOW.. what a book....  With this and the scrummy book my friend got me.... I am having soooo much Face Fun!  Anyhows...  I hated the cover soooo much... off it came... yes again!

So .. Backtrack...  Blank Page.. I cheated this time and stuck a sheet of good quality paper to the cover.. I don't think it would have taken much more abuse!!!! .. Then spritzy Inky stuff.. blah blah blah.....

This one.. I LOVE!!!!!!!

 Decided at this point.. once I had painted etc the inside pages.. it would be all fat and wouldn't shut.. so pulled all the pages out, sorted them, and put some of them back together with the Bind It All and then stuck it back in the book
 And finally (Phew says you.. end of the pictures!!)  The Back Cover....

This is to be my Book Of Faces....  if you survived all the above... check back.. I might have some more pages to show you... when I have done them!

Happy Doodling! xxxxx