Saturday, 26 March 2011

Blatent Plug... New CD out

and on my site..... The Ugly Bugly Bunch.   Have taken a bit of a gamble with this one as it is totally different.... 12 folders of fairies and fairy friends, but they are not cutsie cute at all... they are... well  Ugly! (but quite adorable too) LOL  They have wrinkles, droopy bits, pot bellies... most human flaws to be exact...  think you will either love it or hate it.. I love it! xxx

You can buy it here! xxxx

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Well, that was a stroke of luck!!

Last Sunday, I was all prepared to enter the CD Sunday colour challenge.. blue, yellow and brown.. printed my papers.. and then as it always seems to.. other "stuff" took over.. so here we are a full week later, and the sheets were still sitting in my printer tray! LOL
Anyway... never mind.. I think, and go off to check this weeks challenge.. and Oh Wow...  It is entitled Wild Thing....  Couldn't have been more perfect!  So I grabbed my papers from last week... cleared the decks and sat and made a card!!!  Yayyyy Me... first card for ages...

I am sure it fits the Wild part of the challenge, I haven't seen many tame ones! LOL  And it fits the CD part as I used Birds, Bees, Bugs and Me  to make it.. lets see if I can make one next week and make it two in a row!  :-)

Monday, 7 March 2011

Very Important.....

especially if you are a Parchment Fanatic like me! LOL

Going to be Absolutely Amazing!  Last years was brilliant.. had sooo much fun (and spent sooo much money! LOL)  If you have a chance of making it.. be there!

All the top names will be there, the talented, beautiful and Oh So Luvverly Tina Cox.... (I hope she reads this! LOL)  the very very talented (and patient with newbies) Dorothy Holness...  the wonderful and funny Judith Maslen (and I am gutted I am missing her workshop this month!)  the very lovely Linda Williams... and the extremely talented Kanny.. who I have not had the pleasure of meeting, but I am half way through the second of her Kimonos....  and I want to meet her to tell her how clever she is.. they are beating me! LOL

Also hoping to catch up with Alison Yeates and Pauline Loweth... and very probably give them both lots of money throughout the day

I will have my own stall there with my CDs.. and I will be demonstrating how easy it is to cross between CD crafting and parchment..... using the images from my CDs and (probably Pauline's Gridwork book) grid patterns, I am hoping to make something to tempt the customers! LOL

Oh.. and the wonderful Marilyn who is organising it all... says I can dress as a Bee! ROFL

Hopefully see you there!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx