Thursday, 30 June 2011

Paper Flowers......

Hi there... Had a really busy couple of weeks, but finally... Make Your Own Paper Flower Boutique is finished!!!! Phew... have to say it became a labour of love towards the end, but I did it!! :-)

I had a count up.. nearly 450 printable pages on this one..... everything you need to make beautiful paper flowers... all on one handy little disc!

There are 100 different flower sheet, and a matching paper for each one.. each with a mat and layer base and leaves, some are girly-pretty, some are bold, some are elegant, some are pastel, some bright, some are.. oh you get it.. hopefully something for everyone!

On top of the flowers, there are also loads and loads of patterned papers, inserts and tiles, plus a folder of buttons, bows, extra fancy leaves and beautiful butterflies just to finish your flowers off....

Looking forward to seeing what my clever customers come up with for this one!!!

If your interested.... here is the link..


Sunday, 12 June 2011

Helpful pets....

Had a peaceful week last week... my daughter was on a school trip so I was "Home Alone"  Decided to try and get some parchemnt bits done for my tutor to look at.... as we all know, the best laid plans and all that....  I had some help....

Yes.... that is an A2 mat he is on.. he is huge!!!!

Having persuaded him to get off..... by feeding him.........  a little while later....

Baby Girl decides to join in.... you will notice she is on an A4 box, and not filling half of it... she really is tiny..... but eats more!!

He, however... is terrified of her... she has a heart murmur, so couldn't be spayed... when she comes into season.. he runs and hides!!!!!

So, all in all, didn't get everything finished that was on my list!  Oh Well!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

CDs and Digi Days

Hello!  Well, I am well organized again!!!  While not doing much last week cos of half term.. I was having a little look at a site my friend recommended, and I downloaded a few Digi Images....

I wake up this morning... and the CD Sunday challenge is..... Digi!  Yayyyy

Had a little play.. and here is my entry

The images was from the digi site.. which is here ... some fabulous images, the backing papers were taken from Lighthouse Bay, and I coloured the image with my trusty Derwent pencils

Can I also just say a HUGE Well Done and congrats and all that to my friend Jocelyn.. who as well as being wonderful is also a fabulous crafter and who has been asked to be this months CD Sunday DT guest!

Anyway.. here is my entry.. and thanks for looking!
hugs xxxx

Friday, 3 June 2011

A (very) sticky way of saving money!!

Hello!!!  Sorry I have not been a round... all this booootiful weather and half term... busy busy!

Anyway... little story for you all of todays adventures.....

A little while ago, I went to a parchment workshop, and the tutor (the wonderful Tina)  had this fabulous little wooden block, with big holes in it for all her ink to stand up... as I am as clumsy as.. well a very clumsy person.. I decided I needed one, so I set to work on good old google to try and find one... with no luck!

I explained what I wanted to hubby.. who dug out his drill bits, and his largest drill is a fraction smaller than a Tinta bottle... Typical!  So back to google!!!

This morning I got an email for a company I get email updates from... and..... YES!!!!!  They have the wooden blocks .. New In Stock... two sizes... one for Tinta and one for Pintura... How excited was I!!!!  Off I rush... I had a look... bunged them in my basket.. and then thought.. hang on... I can make them

So I "tried"

At this precise moment I am sooooooo sticky it is untrue.... I have fingers stuck together, fingers stuck to thumbs... hair stuck to ear... elbows stuck to the desk, various sizes of off cut paper stuck EVERYWHERE, a very sticky knife......and I think I need to go and sandblast myself clean

Result...... using one empty cat food box and two loo roll tubes.. some paper and lots and lots of glue!!!!

For anybody interested... the link to the Proper holders is here ..... but don't buy them all cos I think I am off to get myself one!!!! All that sticky aggro today... to save less than six quid!!!ROFL