Saturday, 22 October 2011

Had a bit of time to play

while my printer sat and printed things for me......  so made a sample for the NEC.  Have to say I am very pleased with it!  I "borrowed" the idea from a friend of mine (with full permission!!!) and this is what I came up with....  Hope you like it!

Front......  (I have since added another set of brightly coloured leaves to it as I felt the pale ones were a bit lost!)


and the little notebook that slots into it.....

All papers and images from FlowerFlies and Flutterbugs

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Just a quick Heads Up....

Christmas is on the way!!!  I am trying to fight it, but it is beating me... so as the says goes, If Ya Can't Beat Em.. Join Em! :-)

First Christmas.... On the website Now!  Over two hundred printable pages of Traditional, but cute as a button images of that first Christmas morning!  Decoupage, toppers, papers, and a bonus quick card folder, cos we all know how time runs out as the day gets nearer!

Hope you like it!

hugs xxxxxxxx

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Do you want the Exciting News then???

Do you??  OK.....  Here goes!

You may have noticed I have been dropping sneaky peekies and little hints.... well, with three weeks to go, and everything being on target... I cat let the cat out of the bag so to speak and tell everyone the news!!!!

Right....  TaaaaaDaaaaa! :-) Let the write up commence!

Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow... I don't know what to say.. New CD, New to the world of Digi-Crafting Artist... Oh Wow, I am soooooo excited! I really am.. Oh Wow Oh Wow Oh Wow.....

May I please present, the Fabulous..... (((( Drum Roll ))))) Fairies are Everywhere, artwork by..... (((((( Bigger Drum Roll )))))... JUDITH MASLEN!!!!! (((Trumpet Fanfare!!)))

YES.. Really .... Judith Maslen... Really Really Truly!! (insert more Oh Wows here!) I am sure many of you will have heard lots about this fabulously talented and oh so luvverly and smashing lady. maybe have some her beautiful parchment patterns or been lucky enough to get a much coveted space on one of her workshop, or met her at shows .... and here, is a CD full of her beautiful work (insert more Oh Wows please!)

Serious bit.. (if I can stop being excited for long enough!!) on the CD there are 6 main folders, each with it's own quirky little fairy (generally up to a bit of mischief!), hand drawn onto parchment and coloured by the fabulous JUDITH MASLEN. You then have decoupage, toppers, pyramids, waterfalls, papers, inserts etc etc etc Plus Bonus Folders, shaped cards and more papers, PLUS for all you Parchers and Pro-Marker/Pencil/Paint fans there is a bonus Digi Stamp folder with loads of err.. digi stamps :-) and shaped cards, ready to be painted or traced or whatever

Hang on.. Need a couple more Wows!

Loads and loads on here... but way to excited to stop and count the pages.. but lots!!!

Did I mention the artwork was by Judith Maslen??

Available to buy... at the NEC!!!! Stand G45.. see you there

If you want to see more... pop over to my wonderful and talented friend Carols Blog to see some stunning cards she has been making for me!

hugs all! xxxxx

Sunday, 9 October 2011

Well! What a co-inkident! LOL

Can you believe it.....

I have had a rough week.. I had Man Flu.. I know it was Man Flu cos I was whining lots and being pathetic about it!!!!  Couldn't concentrate on work... nothing worth watching on the telly...  Bored!!!  I was even too ill to farm!  I must have been poorly!

Anyway.. got an order for a birthday card.. very specific and detailed order.. Great thinks me.. something to get my teeth into and concentrate on... put the finishing touches to it a little while ago.

Made another card too, using my new Tilda Stamp.. she is apparently a Dragonfly, but in yellow and black she makes a perfect Bee.. anyway.. I am sidetracking!

On a crafting roll..... I decide to check out the ever wonderful CD Sunday to see what this week was and what I could do, and I roared with laughter....  you will never believe it....  This weeks challenge is... Wine Buffs!

Why is this such a Co-inkident??  Here is the card I was given detailed instructions to make!

Couldn't have timed that commission better! ROFL

Till next time. xxxxx

Thursday, 6 October 2011

World Cardmaking Day Blog Hop... Day 5

Well.. this is all very exciting.. I am part of a Blog Hop! Wow... done loads of hops as an onlooker, but never been in one.. this is great.. Hope I don't let the team down by getting everything in the wrong order!!!!  And a HUGE Thank You to Gill for letting me take part!

It has been a great few days Hopping, and I am awed by the Talent we have seen.,.. and the quality of Blogs too.. after the NEC I am soooo  having a Blog Overhaul, how boring is my blog!?!?!?! :-)

Right.. you should have come to me from Mindy's Paper Creations Blog.. If you didn't.. you are missing out... I suggest you go straight to the Wonderful Gill's Blog (our creator of this huge hop) and see all the luvvery stuff you have missed on the way here!

From me.. you will be going to Tanya  Another stunning blog I am in awe of, and then from Tanya follow the links!

It has been great to be part of this, I hope I can join in again on the next one..... I hope you all enjoy the hopping about, and if you check out Gills Blog there is some fabulous Blog Candy to be won!

(If you have just stumbled across me (as happens in Blog Land) and you want to know more about this fabulous hop... Jump onto Gills page and go back a few days... you can then follow it all from the start) 

Well.. suppose it would help if I put my "creation" up really... seeing as that is the whole point!  I used  the Paper Flower Boutique CD to print out a pile of matching and contrasting papers, then I made my card.... as I finished it I realized it would have helped if I had taken the pictures as I went along... Durrr Me! LOL  But it is fairly self explanatory, and I am sure the clever hoppers out there will see how it was done...

Here are a few piccies, and I am loving you and leaving you to check out the rest of the blogs!


Quick Edit.. I am Really Sorry!  You may have had problems getting to Tanya page.. if so.. try this link! Tanya

P.S.  For those of you that know me.... I thought I would let you know we had a Major Disaster Yesterday....  Picture below... But I am Not A Happy Bunny! ROFL!

Yes, I know they need repainting.. but hardly worth the effort now is it!!!! xxxx

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Another Sneaky Peeky.....

of the New CD....  Available at the NEC, and on the website after that..... 

I am very very excited about this....  the art work is from a FABULOUS and Very Talented and Very Luvverly Lady, and this is her first Venture into Digital Crafting, How Proud am I that she approached me to work with on this project!

The CD is bouncing along nicely, loads on there... for all aspects of crafting, Some very detailed decoupage for the decoupage fans, (some very simple too, so don't panic!)  Plus a pile of Digi Images, so for all you Pro Marker and Pencil fans out there... loads to colour.....  Plus a few new bits too...    I think between us we are onto a Winner!

Big Hugs xxxxx

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pushing My Luck a Bit!!

But Hey.. worth a try! :-)

After a couple of weeks of being mad busy... I managed to find a few minutes to make a card.. so straight over to CD Sunday to see what I have been missing and what the weeks challenge is... and it is Natures Wonders.  Hmmmm thinks me!  I wonder!  So I did a bit of printing, and made me a card!

Now.. why am I pushing my luck?  Cos the CD the images came from isn't available until 3rd November, at the NEC.. but I thought it was time for a sneaky peeky! So here it is!  (please excuse my dodgy camera skills.. feeling a bit poorly and pathetic.. got camera shake!!)

While on the subject of CD Sunday...  two lots of Congrats... One to my luvverly friend Jocelyn for becoming a fully fledges grown up member of the DT, and one to Pamela (don't call her Pam! LOL) for her October guest DT spot!  Chuffed for you both Ladies!  Also, big big hugs to Christine, Hope to see you back with the DT soon!

Right.. busy week, so best get cracking... till next time