Friday, 30 March 2012

Oh am I bad!!!!!

I am having such a forgetful week!!!

Eh Hem.. New Challenge Over At Inked Paws!!!!


Hmmm.. that was a challenge to start with.. and sadly.. I failed! LOL  On the plus side.. the bin has been very well fed this week!

Anyway.. after a major panic and rush.. I almost got there, and here is my very sorry for itself card....  I promise to try harder next time... AND remember to post the blog link in time!!!

p.s  don't enlarge it too much.. it looks waaaaay better small! LMAO

Right.. I suggest you hot foot it to Inked Paws where there are some STUNNING.. and fitting to theme cards for you to drool over

Till next time!

Saturday, 17 March 2012

My Fair Lady Blog Hop

Hello again....  Here we go on another of Gill's Fabulous Blog Hops!  I love doing these.. so much inspiration out there, and so many blogs to drool over!

 The theme this time, is My Fair Lady, as you can tell by the logo, a little inspired by the elegant and oh-so-beautiful Audrey!!

You should have come to me from Linda
(oh.. if you have "stumbled on me" pop back to Gill's Blog and hop from the beginning.. you are missing out on so much!)

I did do a Google to try and find some images I could use, but I felt I just couldn't do her beauty justice, so, I chose another Fair Lady, a digi stamp I had, and I used her instead.

OK... are you sitting all comfy... off we go.....

I took a box... a charity shop find, and spritzed it...

Then I printed out my Inked Paws digi (twice) onto card, (she is called The Barons Daughter and she is Divine!)

And I coloured her, was a bit nervous as I am not brilliant at skin tones, so decided to leave her Pale and Interesting rather than risk messing her up!

After running her through a die cutting machine, I cut two larger shapes, one on Mirri Card, and one on plain card which I spritzed to match the box

Which I randomly stamped with Steam Punk Style images

And I assembled

Then went to town with Embellies!!!!!

and more embellies.....

And finally.. here is my finished project.......

I hope you like her......cos I do!  I would love you to leave me a message

Right from me, you hop to Debbie, for more Fair Lady Loveliness.....   so grab a coffee and



Thursday, 15 March 2012

Springtime Inked Paws Challenge

Good Morning Blogland!

I have had to change the content of this blog entry slightly!  It originally started with me saying Hello and here was my second and final Guest DT entry for the Inked Paws Crew, sob sob sob etc.

But.....  I am no longer a Guest DT.. so that is that starter for ten outta the window!

Hmmm.. why am I no longer a Guest DT... well.. mainly becasue I have been asked to be a FULL DT!!!!!  Yayyyyyyy!  How excited, thrilled, chuffed, over the moon and totally terrified am I?!?!?!?
The talent there is incredible, and I am tickled every shade of pink to be part of it all.. better concentrate on brushing up my skills though, and actually learning how to do all the stuff I blag my way through! :-)

This is me... the New Kittie on the Blog.. How Beautiful am I!!!!
 Thank you so much Miss Paws.. I love my Kittie... even got wings and Bee Bops! Yayyyyyy!!

Right.. the serious bit.. The Challenge!

Spring....  Awwww.. nice and easy.. pretty spring colours.. sorted..

So what do I do.. I promptly choose the Inked Paws Image called Autumn Eyes!  (well it is stunningly beautiful!)

As this started life as my last GDT card.. I decided to think outta the box and go overboard.. ya know.. say Bye Bye with a Bang...  Hmm.. now I am on the team.. might have kippered myself for future Wow-ness, but hey.. that is the problem to be faced next challenge!

Right.. so I took the image.. printed twice, and I coloured her face with pro markers, and the leaves in pencils....

I decided not to make a card, but a little board book... so off I went.....

I cut out the face and leaves, removing a little of the white areas that should have been the Autumn bits.... and stuck her firmly on the front of the covered board book

Then I got out my "pokey" tool,  made lots of holes, and went to town with Spring Flowers.....

And here we have (I hope) One Spring Themed Board Book, ready to be filled with various Springtime pictures, thoughts and all that!

I hope you like her!

For oooodles more inspiration, pop over to INKED PAWS and see what the rest of the Team have done...  there is some real WOW factor going on!  Grab an image while you are there and join in the fun.. Be great to see you there!

Happy crafting... oh.. and leave me a message.. would love to know your thoughts!

Toodles! xxxxxx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Art Journalling....

Hmmmmm.. I think I like them!

Morning all.....I have, much to my long suffering hubby's dismay, a new passion!  Why to his dismay?  Well, because it involves lots of inks and sprays and painty stuff, and me yelling "That's Wet... Don't Touch it" nearly every time he goes near anything! :-)  Poor Bloke!

Following on from my Artsy Experiment with the ATCs and the Book for them, I did a bit of a google over this Art Journal stuff, and decided to have a go!

I mean, it is only a decorated "thoughts" books isn't it?? Can't be that difficult! Just write things down and draw and paint and and and......   Hmmmmm....

I have to admit to having reservations, trepidations, palpitations and all kinds of other "ations" over making one (see one of my pages below for the reason) but I thought "Hey.. if it goes wrong.. who knew I made one!!!!"  So in I jumped!

I started off making the cover (I know how to make book covers!!) .... yet another good old Amazon Mailer... Think I am running low on them.. good excuse to buy some of those scrummy journalling How-To books sitting in my wish list them.... one at a time of course.. get more mailers that way!

So. I took my mailer, cut it to size and painted it and randomly spritzed it with misting inks



For the pages, I used a load of large index divider cards

Here is one sprayed up and ready

I punched holes in the covers, and all the pages, and bound using jump rings so it would be easy to take pages out to work on, I also used my new and Very Scary Distressing Tool to , well, er, Distress the edges of the book....  the effect is growing on me:-)

Then I decorated it........

Front Cover...

Inside cover..... It says, Yeah: I cheated: I traced part of the face, and I don't care!

The first page I made ... it explains why I Don't Do Art!
 An unfinished page... to be continued...

 I like Round! :-)

And a couple of pages inked up ready to go.....

And there we have it....  Why??  Well.... Why Not!  Having a great time playing, you may get to see further pages, or I may keep them secret.. depends what I write!

Oh.. and for the record.. the sheets of A3 card I use to put my pages on to spray.. I keep them all...  they make fabulous flourishes, flowers and butterflies when run through a die cutting machine!

Happy (messy) crafting!


P.S.  If you have read this far... leave me a message, I would love to know what you think, and messages make me feel like I have friends! LOL xxxx

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

In memory of

a very lovely and very talented lady, Sarah Lawrence who died suddenly in December and will be hugely missed by many many people in the craft world as well as her family and friends.

She designed a smashing little heart stamp for the February issue of Craft Stamper Magazine, and The Craft Cupboard Trilogy decided it would be nice to hold a little challenge using her Stamp.

There are two different challenges, each using the stamp Sarah designed, one is Black and White, with one splash of colour, the second is any colours.  There are some very nice prizes up for offer too.. check out the blog, Katy Fox, the Editor is Craft Stamper is going to be judging it.

Below are my two entries to the challenge.

The first is an ATC using some very pretty material I bought, my second entry is using inks and an old CD, and a recycled clock face.  Both of my entries involve watch faces, as Sarah's sudden and untimely passing shows that time is very precious and we should not waste a second of it!

Happy crafting! xxxxx

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Very Very Exciting Start to March!

Good Morning fellow Bloggers!

I have a Happy Days Good News Story for you today!

As some of you will know, I am a FaceBook Addict! :-)  I love it, I love the groups on there, the chat, the silliness (and yes the games... rotten Farm!!) and the fact it is about the only way I ever know what my son is up to!!!

I was thrilled a few weeks ago, when I was invited by a friend to join a new page set up by a very very talented Digi Artist, Inked Paws...  Wow thought I, and Yipppeeee... more digis to play with, so I joined and got chatting.. smashing bunch in there, and so much fun (and green eyed monster making talent!!) and I totally fell in love with the digis... so fabulous, so different, so  ooooo I neeeeeeeeeeed them!

(and yes.. for those who follow me.. Inked Paws is the blog I gave an award to yesterday for the sheer inspiration and talent they have and will be sharing)

Well.. there was a little competition running and I decided to join in.... we all had to use the same Inked Paws digi image, and enter our take on it....  I am still very new and learning when it comes to Pro Markers, so I decided to fall back on my trusty favourites.. pencils!  I printed off the image, traced onto parchment and this was my entry.

I traced the banners out again and layered them over the card, cut out the diamonds and mounted on glitter card to make the diamonds sparkle.

The standard of entries was incredible... so you can only imagine my shock, delight and OMGness when I won!  I was thrilled.. tickled pink, bouncing off the ceiling the whole lot!   Yayyyyyyy!

Then.... it gets better!  I had a message asking me if I would like to be the Guest DT for the LAUNCH of the NEW BLOG!!!!!

Err.. let me think about that one....  Hmmmm, Errr.... Weeelllll...

OH YES!!!!!

So, I started to play again......  The theme to the FIRST EVER  (ooo I am so excited) Challenge is All Creatures Great and Small...... so I grabbed an Inked Paws image, the fabulous Monkey Magic and got to work!

Now.. as I said before, I am still learning pro markers, and I have never coloured an animal before... oooh, my heart was in my mouth.... But.. I got there... and I am actually very pleased with it....  so pleased in fact, I can see myself spending a fair few more pennies in the Inked Paws shop on the scrummy images!  So here it is...   My Guest DT card for the Fabulous Inked Paws FIRST Challenge Blog!

Taaa Daaaa!!!   Right my Luvverly Bloggers... get yourself over there....  Join in.. spread the word.. This blog is going to be sooooooooooo huge, and then we can say.. We Was There From The Start!

I wish Miss Paws, Head Kitty, all the Kitties and of course Mr Mouse ALL THE VERY BEST!!!!!


Happy Blogging all, and Happy Digi Crafting!