Monday, 27 August 2012

Gotta Love Cardboard Mailers.....

I love Cardboard Mailers... for two reasons.. one, they generally come to me from Amazon, and contain scrummy books, and two.. they make amazing Journal Covers.....

Had great fun this week playing..... will try to keep this short, but hey, you know what I am like when I start.. so better grab a coffee and settle down all comfy.....

You ready... here we go......

Take your cardboard mailer..... some sheets of smooth A3 cardstock folded in half, 12 x 12 paper (I am in shock.. I actually used my prized Tim Holtz paper pad that I have been too scared to use in the past cos it is sooooo scrummy) some elastic, and assorted glues and tapes of course!

Trim the mailer to size... I wanted it to be big, so cut it 12 inches high.. OK I confess this was actually a happy accident... but hey.. it worked out OK!
Cover the inside and front, back and flap of the mailer with your chosen papers... But leave the spine uncovered for now...

I also used Washi Tape to cover the slightly wonky edges! LOL... I also found some Tape Measure Ribbon I had, which fitted the theme of the cover perfectly... so I attached this to the spine and the flap

Now the fun bit!!! Put some strips of double sided tape along the INSIDE of the spine to hold you pages in place..... (they won't all be totally secure, but this is good, because you can slide them out to decorate and you don't get ink all over your beautiful cover!)
Line all your pages up, and stick them in place....

Take your elastic, and secure one end to the OUTSIDE of the spine, and wind it round and round keeping it fairly stretched. Start with the fold of the last page, and each wind round, secure the next page into place......When they are all held in.. tie the elastic off.. lots!

Now might be a good time to give you a helpful hint or two about elastic... it is nasty stuff... tricky slippery little blighter it is..... if you let go of it.. it does this..... and all your pages fall out!!!
Took me ages to untie it all, and being stretchy, the more you pull one bit.. the tighter another knot gets!!!!

I then had "issues" with the ribbon tie being in the way... so I clipped it into place out of the way, and I thought it would be clever to make a bobbin out of spare card to hold the elastic..... Hmmmmm... sort of worked.. but it still had a life of its own!

I eventually managed to get all the pages in place, by using both hands, my nose and a knee..... I am sad to say, I think this is one occasion in life where a glass or two of wine doesn't really help the situation!!!! :-(

I then cut a piece of card just over double the width of the spine, measured and folded it into three and stuck the edges down to cover all the elastic... Put some decoration on the front... and Taaa Daaa.. One Art Journal!

I have even started to play with one of the pages.. will add that when it is done!

I hope you like it.... would love you to leave a comment and let me know.... and if you make one, I would love to see it!

Happy Elastic Catching!!!

Hugs xxxx