Sunday, 28 November 2010

Playing with Pencils...

Continued the day as I started it.. playing with parchment and pencils.. really loving this set I bought, they are a dream to work with on parchment.. just love them!  Anyway, was looking through one of my old parchy magazines and found a Judith Maslen pattern I really liked, and so suitable for this time of year! Really loving her patterns at the moment...plenty of usage for my pencils!  :-) 

Anyway.. here it is...  now I suppose I had better get on with sorting out some food.. or starting another pattern... Hmmm. tough call! LOL

p.s.. ignore the strip of tape at the top.. this was for holding it in place to take the piccie... the only decent camera I have is built into the pooter... so had to stop the picture slipping off the backing sheet!  :-)
Hello again!  Had a quiet morning playing with parchment.... and had a lovely time too!  Finished all the colouring I think, too scared to do any more in case I mess it up.. really pleased with it so far!  Now just got to do some fancy bits of grid work or something to finish it off....   off to drag out all my books to find one that I like....  anyway.. here it is, part two!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Time off from designing

and finally getting round to doing the pictures for my daughters bedroom...  Only had the patterns since April! LOL  The design is by the very very lovely Judith Maslen, who I met in April, (when I bought the pattern... have two more in the same theme) and then I was so lucky the other month to go to one of her all day workshops.. was a 5am start for me, but so very worth it!  Booked in to do it again.
Anyway.. here is a "work in progress" of the pattern I am doing.. it is called The Enchanted Garden
hugs all

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

OK.. we have success...  managed to upload a new and rather pretty skin.. chuffed with me!  Also, have learned how to use the external hard drive, and found my way around all the weird and wonderful things my new computer does...  so fingers crossed when it is all transferred I will be away and working my socks off again

Meanwhile.. it has been commented on on Facebook that I may have been whiling the time away farming.. so while I am thinking about it.. may just pop over and check what is occurring!!!  :-)

Monday, 22 November 2010

Venturing into the world of blogging!

Well..  I hope so anyway!

Been browsing the blogs for ages, and thought it really was time I got my act together... so I tried to find my old blog.. but it appears to have disappeared into cyber somewhere.. so starting again, and planning on learning what I am doing this time!

Going to be doing a lot of blatent plugging on here too for my new CDs etc, and lots of links to the shop and other fabby blogs that I love

Right.. off to read the rule book!