Saturday, 21 January 2012

Glitter and Bling Blog Hop

Well hello again.....  if you are part of the hop.. you should have come to me from............ Linda
If you didn't... why not jump back to The Wonderful Gills blog, and hop all the way round in the Bling we have created!

Hmmm  Glitter and Bling eh... well, allow me to introduce you to the New Me!!!

This is all so new and WOW to me.. I love making cards, but I "had" a style.  Neat, tidy, precise, straight lines, balanced blah blah blah... a bit predictable! :-)  Then a while ago I joined Facebook, and then as I met more and more people, I joined Groups on Facebook......  Last year I joined a couple of amazing groups, with amazing people (and now good friends)  and I looked at their cards.....  Mindblowing!

On some of them, there was not a straight line in sight!!!!  Or any symmetric thought at all..... and the colours.....  they were wild.. and they clashed.. and THEY WORKED!!!!  It was all a revelation to me... WOW!!!!

So I started to "experiment"   and I enjoyed it. and feedback was good... so I played more.. and more....  and I bought messy stuff and played even more.....

For Christmas.. my hubby let me loose on Amazon (LOL)  and he bought me a couple of fabulous ATC books and the Wonderful Tim Holtz Companion.... he of the "drop it in a muddy puddle and kick it down the road, if possible getting it run over my a truck" style.....


Christmas Day, I was a good girl, I sat and read my books (while making huge shopping lists) and I behaved......   Boxing day.. I started to play!

I think I have most of the ink and stuff off my hands now.. and my face, and in my hair.. and ears!  But been having a BLAST!

Anyway.. here is my project for the Blog Hop...   Many moons ago, I made an ATC book in a Mad Moment...  and having recently found it.. I decided to have another play.

I had a note book I had bought, and I decided to "decorate it and make it my 2012 Crafting Diary.   have so much going on.. I need somewhere to put lists of all the Blog Hops, Challanges, ATC swpaps and themes etc.....  so from this....

Via lots of paint, glitter, messy mucky stuff...

To this!

Taa Daa! LOL

Oh.. and this is the original one I made (ages ago!)

Now to trawl through the various groups and piles of paper I have with all the relevant details on.... will be so nice to have them all in one place for a change... bet I "mis-place" the book now! LOL

Happy Blog Hopping!  You are now off to...... Leslie .....

Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Challenge Blog!!

Hello and Happy New Year!
Blatant Plug this blog post! :-)

I have just started a NEW Challenge Design Blog.. with Prizes!!  You can find it here.  Once a month, (I am aiming for the first of the month, but you never know when life will trip me up!!) I will upload some Freebie Papers for you all.... you print these off and make something spectacular, then you upload your project to your blog, and link my DT blog to yours (not this blog.. the one in the link above) and around the 25th of each month, the DT lot choose our favourite and the winner gets to pick a free CD from my site!  Simples as they say.. I hope! :-)

So to start off.. here is my offering for January....  I was soooooo proud of it... till the DT lot sent in their makes... Memo to self.. try harder next month, they are just so clever!!!  Would be great to see as many people join in as possible.. I am a little bit excited about this. fingers crossed it all works!

Looking forward to seeing you over there!  Happy Crafting! xxxx