Friday, 27 April 2012

Charity Shop Super Find!!!

Oh I LOVE my local Charity Shops!

Just been mooching round one, waiting for the young one to come out of school.. and look what I found!!!!

Was just thinking to myself last night, my Journal was getting full.. BUT was I brave enough  to start defacing my new and beautiful leather one.....  but now I don't need to.. I can save it till I am braver!

Tried to find my new find on line to show a couple of friends, but couldn't.. so have taken some piccies of it.. and putting it here for them instead.. then as I decorate it etc... I can post updates

So without further ado.. here it is.. well, some of it anyway!

How great are some of those pages!!!!  Just yelling out for ink and stamping and zentangling and and and!

Watch this space... I will be back!

messy crafting all! xxxxx

p.s  I forgot to say..... it cost me a whole fifty pence too!!!!


  1. gorgeous find !!!! definately going to make a lovely art journal x

  2. Ohhhh! that was a good find and a lovely base for you to journal. Get at it and keep us informed. xxx

  3. Beautiful book Debs! Be lovely as a Smash* book too! xx


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