Sunday, 22 April 2012

Really loving my new Inky Playing!

Hello!!!   Gosh seems ages since I last blogged... in fact I was a whole year younger! LMAO!!!

Been busy playing with all this fabulous new inky painty stuff I have discovered....  why was all this fun kept a secret from me for so long??  I am sure making up for lost time!

I blogged a while ago that I had made an Art Journal, and was having fun with it.. well things have progressed!  I went to visit a very very luvverly friend, who had a very luvverly friend there at the time.. ( you KNOW who you are Tilly-ma-Love and Carole!!) and I saw their Journals.. mine was pants! LOL  No other word for it... so I came home and re-invented it.....  And here it is.. with some of my very favourite pages that I am just a little bit proud of!

As usual.. it all starts with Amazon Mailers... (I would be sooooo lost without Amazon!!)

 And my inky spray box....  Funnily enough, I do believe that was an Amazon box too!!!

 The re-done front... using the bits from the original Art Journal...
  And my pages......   My Diary for April.. which I keep forgetting to fill in!
 I am sure I am not alone in this one!
 Rather pleased with how this turned out.. I saw a page a friend had made in a group I am part of, (thank you for letting me join Lesley.. I have learned so much!) and asked very politely if I could blatantly copy it!!   She said I could (Thank You Hannah)  and I copied it.. but changed it...  so not a total lift of her work....   It is also my first go at using Acrylic Paints....  Yayyy Me! LOL
 I am even starting to be able to "murder" books.. without crying to much and apologizing all the time!

 OK....  this page was inspired by the wonderful Effy Wild (and then copied.. but with permission!!) ....  You MUST google her work....  and she is a very very lovely lady too.. she gave me so much encouragement to do this... and I am soooo pleased with it....  The background is sprayed with inks over a leaf mask I had, and the tree is hand drawn.. I had great fun making this page!  Thank you Effy! x
 Another page inspired by another wonderful and talented Journaler, Dyan, (of Dylusions fame.. get me, all this name dropping of my Famous Friends!!!)  She encouraged us to state loud and clear I Am An Artist!!!  So I did!  The rest of the page was inspired by a wonderful book my very good friend Carol bought me for my birthday, Taking Flight, What a truly amazing and fabbilicious book it is!  It was from there I got the idea of the lady's face.. but the standard in the book is a trillion squillion times better!!!!  Still.. for a first try.. I love it!
 In fact I loved it sooooo much.. I did another one! LOL
So there you go....

Now I have a luverly lazy Sunday ahead of me.....  hmmm.. where are my ink sprays??

Happy (messy) Crafting! xxxxxxx

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  1. Well you have certainly embrassed the getting messy side of art. Love the drawings and the napkin flower - having seen that in the flesh it really is good. Keep at it.

    Manda xx


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