Sunday, 1 April 2012

Well.. it appears to be official!

My Mojo has packed it's bags and disappeared into the big wide world... Irretrievably lost!!

Arghrghhhhhhh!!  Why cannot I not make cards any more????  I hasn't been that long has it??

Give me a sheet of parchment.. I can create a work of beauty... see....

or give me a box, scrap of paper, art journal and sprays and stamps.. and I can distress it to the moon and back.....

Give me paper.... no hope! LOL  Sheesh.. so infuriating.. I really must get my Mojo back.. I miss it!!!!

Anyway...todays sorry offerings... Aprils Blog Challenge is live over at Debbees CDs  .. the papers (even if I do say so myself) are great....  April Showers.. bright and cheery.. just what we need when the weather sites have been twittering on about snow! :-)  Go and grab em and make me something beautiful!  While you are there, you can see what all the other DT-ers have made... and how outclassed I am! LOL

So.. here is my sad and sorry offering...  I am going to try again.. so this post might get updated.. you never know!

Right.. off to see what I can make a mess of next... Ooo  and check out this weeks challenge over at CD Sunday  All Sewn Up....  Smashing DT cards there... Feel obligated to join in this week... wonder why! LOL.. wonder if I can make anything passable in time! Hmmmm

Oh and talking of lost... if anybody knows where my electric cigarette is can they please tell me before I find it necessary to kill someone to relieve the stress!!!!  Thankies!!!!

Happy Crafting all.. xxxxx


  1. Can't see anything wrong with your offering. You managed to do something with the umbrellas that I tried and failed spectacularly at LOL. xxx

  2. Hi Debs. Nothing wrong with your Mojo - just the lack of nicotine.
    Sorry I haven't done a DT card yet. Will do if I can.

    p.s. Love the mask. I haven't looked at the accessories yet.


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