Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Road to being An Artist!


You remember that book I bought... well....  It has changed somewhat!  It has had several covers painted on, and taken off, and it has now had all of its pages removed and put back.. well some of them! LOL  Poor Book.. still I think it was a journey worth taking.. and I am THRILLED with the results.... and with how much I have come on with this Art Stuff!  I am now Proud to stand up and Shout.. I AM An Artist!

OK..Lots of Pictures... Sorry!  One base painted front page

Decorated "randomly"  I like doing this bit sooooo much!

Add a face....

 Ewww.. Not Pretty... Face base coated and ready to... ermmm... :-)

 Hmmm... Hiccup number 1.... She "peeled"

Right.. I did try to fix the problem.. but it wasn't having any of it.... so .. Base Coat Take two!

And a new spritzy inky cover

Draw and colour Girlie off the page, so she doesn't Peel again

 And stick down.....    And play.............

And Hate Her!!!!

Then, My beloved and Trusty Amazon delivered a Birthday Pressie to me... Doodles Unleashed, Oh WOW.. what a book....  With this and the scrummy book my friend got me.... I am having soooo much Face Fun!  Anyhows...  I hated the cover soooo much... off it came... yes again!

So .. Backtrack...  Blank Page.. I cheated this time and stuck a sheet of good quality paper to the cover.. I don't think it would have taken much more abuse!!!! .. Then spritzy Inky stuff.. blah blah blah.....

This one.. I LOVE!!!!!!!

 Decided at this point.. once I had painted etc the inside pages.. it would be all fat and wouldn't shut.. so pulled all the pages out, sorted them, and put some of them back together with the Bind It All and then stuck it back in the book
 And finally (Phew says you.. end of the pictures!!)  The Back Cover....

This is to be my Book Of Faces....  if you survived all the above... check back.. I might have some more pages to show you... when I have done them!

Happy Doodling! xxxxx


  1. Hi Debs, sounds like you are having fun doing your 'Book of Faces'. Will wait for the next chapter.
    Christine xx

  2. No wonder you are being so quiet. You have been having fun. Are you going to bring it along at the weekend? We would all love to see it.

  3. That is progress girl. Like it a lot. Look forward to seeing on Friday and maybe having a play as well (not the inky stuff though) LOL.

    HH xxxx

  4. Fabulous darling! As Carol said, no wonder you were quiet. Look forward to seeing more. xx


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