Friday, 26 August 2011

Tilda holidays at Lighthouse Bay!

A mid-week post... well OK. a Friday post.. but not a weekend! LOL  What is going on?!?!?

I have been buying some new bits lately and thought to myself, I really should use them to justify the fact I neeeeeeeeeeeded them so desperately I had to buy them.....

But then I thought.. I am so busy.. do I really have time to play?

So I decided that by making NEC samples, I could say I was working, and play at the same time!!!  Smart Plan!!

So here it is... as it is Summer (used in the loosest possible way cos it is chucking it down as I type) Holidays, I decided to send Tilda off on her jollies, and she told me (she did.. honest) that she wanted to go to the beach.........

I took a topper and backing papers from the Windows section of Lighthouse Bay and covered a square card... I then used a Mariannes die to cut the aperture which I then has to carefully stick back in place...  Behind this I positioned the topper.  I coloured in my Holiday Bound Tilda with pro markers, and using the biggest flower punch I have ever seen in my life, made the large rose type flower at the bottom

I attached the decorated card to another square card to make it into an easel.. and there we go....  Had a blast, and will find more working time to make more!

Till next time....xxxxxxxxxx

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  1. Great card Debs and I am looking forward to seeing it - and all the others you are going to make - in November. See you soon.
    Mega hugs


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