Sunday, 21 August 2011

CD Sunday, Nursery Rhyme Challenge!

Hello all!  Yet another Sunday, and another CD Sunday Challenge.. this week Nursery Rhymes....  so many to choose from, where to start? :-)

Well.. long story (made short!) A while ago I bought a book from Dover Publications with the idea of making a CD... I read all the rules and yup.. seemed OK.. so I bought it....  I then read the fine print in the book.. which just happened to include all the bits the web site doesn't....  and after many emails back and forward, the end result was any kind of CD from the images was a no no... a big no no!  Hmmm.. to say I was not happy would be an understatement!!!

So it has sat on my shelf... doing nothing... until the wonderful CD Sunday team gave it a reason to be!

I took the main image and then fiddled with it a bit to make backing papers, from these papers I also made my flowers.....   and here is the finished card......

I chose to do Row Row Row your Boat, but from the CD I could have just as easily done, Mary Mary, Jack and Jill, Three Blind Mice.. the list was endless.....  I think I may have to start the conversation up again with Dover as I had forgotten how delightful the images were and how much I want to use it! LOL

If you are interested... in purely personal use capacity only ... the book and CD is the Kate Greenaway Illustrations, from Dover Publications, although I got mine from Amazon.... should I not be successful in my pleas to use it.. keep an eye on ebay... there might be one going cheap soon! LOL

Anyway... Happy Sunday all.. and I hope you join us at CD Sunday again this week with a trip down memory lane!

hugs xxxxxx


  1. Hi Debs, super write up about the CD and a fabulous card. So pleased you are enjoying your time with us at CD Sunday.
    Will keep a look out on Ebay!!!!!!
    Have a good day
    Love & Hugs
    Christine xx

  2. Hi Debs. I remember your frustrations but at least you now have used it to make this lovely card. I - like Christine - am pleased that you are enjoying your time with us a GDT.
    CD Sunday DT


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