Saturday, 20 July 2013

I Drew Pretty!

And I am thrilled!!!!

I may have mentioned.. I am doing the wonderful Book of Days with Effy, and I confess to being woefully behind already.. we are only three weeks in... whoops!  So this morning.. I was up early, and I played!  And for a rare change...everything went according to plan..... Happy Day!!!!

The combination of Effys videos, and the workshop I took recently with Kat McBride..( Kat Can Paint ) .... resulted in a moment of sheer magic on my desk.......

And here it is!....... Using scrapbook papers, and my trusty Coloursoft pencils!

You have no idea how thrilled and bouncy bouncy chuffed I am!   Off to add her to this weeks Piece A Week.....  Yayyyyyyy!
hugs xxxxxx


  1. Oh never cease to amaze me with your pencils......i love your project.....just wow!!!!
    fiona x

  2. I can see why you love your pencils.... wish I could draw mel x

  3. You should be thrilled, gorgeous piece!

  4. Very beautiful! Thnx for joining us at My heart pieces


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