Friday, 28 June 2013

Education, Inspiration and just a little bit of hero worship!

Morning Bloggers.....

Education, Inspiration and just a little bit of hero worship! What a title.. and they all relate to the same lovely person!

I am a facebook friend with a totally wonderful and unbelievably talented generous fabulous lady, whose work I admire greatly, and a few weeks ago.. I was able to book my seat on my first proper course with her. How excited was I!!! I have sat in on many of her free workshops, and watched oooodles of her Videos on YouTube.. but this was my first grown up paid course.....

AND IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!! (and it was not very many pennies either!!)

It was called Sweetlings.... and we drew... Sweetlings! LOL Adorable little girlie figures, with wonderful backgrounds, and we blended... Yes.. the White Pencil technique.. this was how I (in my opinion) perfected it!!... and I had the BESTEST time!!!!

These are my offerings..... the first one I did "in class" the second I have just finished, and I am starting a third.... I want to try an angled head Sweetling!

How totally adorable are they!!!! Ok, they may not be everyones definition of "art", but heck.. who cares... to me they are heartwarming bundles of luvverlyness.. and I am THRILLED!!!!! I am so so pleased with the blending of the faces.. using just a couple of pencils... I was over the moon when I sussed it... totally hyper bouncy!

So..... following on from that.... I got an email.... from the Wonderful and Talented and Oh-So Luvverly (drum roll.........) Effy Wild... and there is a NEW course starting... SOON..... and because she is so wonderful (it is OK.. she knows about the Hero Worship thing.. and I have asked her to adopt me!!!) anyway.. yes.. because she is so wonderful.... she is giving away THREE seats FREE!!!!!!

To win.. you have to go and watch the video, follow the rules and pass on the wonderfulness......

Now I want to win a seat so bad... I want to be on the class so bad.. I can feel it.... taste it.... Oooooo I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed it!!!! So I am tempted just to tell you about it and then say goodbye.... :-) but the rules say I have to share ... so I am.....

Go check it out...... you will see exactly why todays blog title is as it is....... Have fun.. enjoy and good luck....... But hurry.. you only have till Sunday to enter......

I am off to get Inky messy painty.. and maybe make another Sweetling to fall in love with! xxxx

Tooodles! xxxxx

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