Thursday, 20 June 2013

In the words of

my absolute favourite Strictly Judge!

Absolute Dis-arster Dahling!

Hello Bloggers! Well... what can I say... talk about getting it wrong..... I am running out of ways to errm, Mess this up! :-)

But... thought I would blog it anyway.. as there was an incident I feel I need to share, just so you don't do the same!!

So.. using my personal tried and trusted method.. off we go....

OK.. take one canvas...... using pencil, lightly sketch the image you want on the canvas...... when you are happy... rub most of it out, so the lines are very feint... and Gesso over the whole thing to provide a tooth for your beloved pencils! Once the gesso is dry.... using a Posca pen, draw in all the details you want to keep......

Then.. when all of that is dry, start colouring...... I was using Inktense pencils (of course!!) and my water brush.... did a few leaves.. and all was fine.... started on her face..... and the calamity struck!

For some reason, best known only to itself... the Posca decided NOT to be waterproof!!!! My pretty little pink faced fairy, slowly turned into a flesh eating grey hued Zombie Queen before my eyes! LOL Serious... all the ink was running with the sweep of the water brush, and she looked hideous! I have no idea why! Maybe the Posca didn't like the gesso today.... maybe, oh I don't know.... maybe I didn't pick up the Posca, but another black pen that wasn't waterptoof... who knows! Anyways... it was ruined! So I gessoed over the whole thing (once I had stopped crying that it) and what a luvverly muddy mess that made!!!!!

All that sludgy grey... is the ink running... WHY?!?!?!?

Oh well.. no matter... it is only a canvas, and I had only just started..... I can still see the lines under the gesso, so we carry on! This time, I will colour first and outline after!!!

Well... couldn't get a decent shade for her skin on the grey... wanted her to be all pastel and floaty.. to get the colour on, she looked a bit like a circus clown! LOL So.... draw up another fairy (which incidentally is the body of a Sherri Baldy digi stamp, and my own drawing for the face) and stick it down.... Betters!!!!! Have to be careful the amount of water etc used, as the paper does bubble a bit.. but hey.. we are getting there!

Took it to Art Club last night to carry on..... Started to build up the colours, but waaayyyy too muted at the moment.... so will carry on.... so far only using pencil... but the Twinkling H2O's are ready and waiting to go on to give it some pazzazz when I have enough of a back ground to make the colours POP!

So... here she is so far...... will update you next week... and be warned... Posca may not always be waterproof!!!!

Toodles! xxxxx


  1. This looks beautiful so far Debs, well rescued.

    Sue x

  2. looking good now. can't wait to see her when you're done.


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