Friday, 28 December 2012

Hello little sadly neglected Blog! I have abandoned you and I am soooooooo sorry!

Been a rough build up to Christmas..... Started with a nasty tooth infection.... I am not showing the picture, but my face swelled up so much, even my mum had to double check it was me in the piccie I sent her! It was NASTY!!!! I looked like a Mutant Alien Duck Lady.... I cried! :-)

Having recovered from that.. I promptly went on to get the Fluey yuk that is going round... Took me weeks to get over.... weeks and weeks.. I am only just feel human now!

Another reason I have been absent.. is due to lack of Mojo... and Lack of Mojo is due to.......

Errmmm.. can anyone see my desk??

OK.. Onwards and Upwards..... My Arty News Years Resolution is FUM

Find it
Use it
Make Something!

But first I have to find the desk! And where everything is..... See how all those luvverly drawers are bulging... Yeah.. that is cos they are full of... ermm errrr ermm.. OK Crap! LOL

Sort Out Time!!!!!

Determined to Be Arty next year...... I was bought the most Fabulous Christmas Pressie... a years membership to My Candy Run by a very talented and fabulous friend of mine Rachelle, I am sooooo Looking forward to this, and I just wish I knew who my Secret Santa was.. cos I have so many Thank You's for them it is untrue!

I have also joined a fabulous group where we will be Arting each week.. and providing pictures as evidence..... so hopefully I will be keeping up and blogging, so two birds with one stone.... Yayyyy!

Talking of Birds.... after ages of ignoring.. I was just introduced to Angry Birds..... Uh-oh... Timewaster! Addicted already!

... and on that note... must stop wasting time tweaking my blog post..... better go and find my desk... so I can be all ready for Art To Commence..... next week! LOL

Hugs all... See you soon

Hope you had a luvverly Christmas...... and A Happy Arty New Year to you all!

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