Sunday, 30 December 2012

Getting ready for the New Year

and my determination to art!

As I said in my previous blog post... I have joined two groups.. one was a Christmas Present, which I am thrilled with.. A year long workshop with My Candy, and the other is a Piece a Week group where we "promise" to produce something Arty each week, along with other Arty bits I have planned.. I aim to be blogging regularly as I try my hardest to keep up to date with all the deadlines! :-)

I have two words for 2013 as well.... (apart from my every day favourites, which I try not to type!!!) and they are FUM.... Find it, Use it, Make something.... And Accept. Accept as in, there are lots of things I cannot change, so accept them as they are... Accept what I have and stop wishing for something different, and mostly in Blogland, Accept that my art is My Art, and there are far better artists than me out there, and stop ripping stuff up and sulking cos mine is quite frankly pants at times.... But hey.. it is mine.. and I accept my art for what it is... Mine!

So starting with FUM.. and being determined to start the New Year ahead of the game and prepared........This is what I am going to start working on.
I Found, I am going to Use, and I will Make... something!.... and I promise to post the finished result... no matter what level of Art or Pantness it turns into!

Toodles! xxxx


  1. Liking the positive creative start you are going to make for 2013 Debs. Going to enjoy seeing the amazing art that Debs makes. I will do a deal with ya I will comment on each of your post as long as you make acomment on mine LOL.

  2. Soooo you challenge me and I'll challenge you for the next year hey? Im planning on that bottle of good stuff and scraping stuff. I think my poor little bloggy may have given up as I dont post as its been ignored. Sooooo and I mean SOOOOOOO you make something, challenge me and I will make something! It wont be as good or whatever but pantness sounds about right for my ability.

  3. Oooo! I like your words, your determination, what you've found, and am looking forward to seeing how you use it and what is made of it! EXCITING!!! I have signed up for a few things myself and KNOW that it is overload, but I am allowing myself to do what I want and not beat myself up over what I do not get accomplished. My word for 2013 is gonna be NEW.

  4. Tabs.. Deal.... Will nag you my sweet!
    Maggie.. Like New... good word.... also like Exciting... we will see! ;-)

  5. Hi Debs. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the things you have found. I think those nasty bugs you had have found their way to my house. I have been coughing for days and all I can say is thank goodness for Tenalady!!!!

  6. Damn.......l posted a lovely long comment, and Google has lost it, pillocks....
    Will leave it for tonight in case it pops up, if it doesn't l'll try and remember what l wrote and post again.......
    Hugs to you Debs

  7. Good idea Debs. I'd like to 'art' more this year. First need to clear my workspace and get some stash organising done. But that's a resolution every year. I'll keep following, and attempt some myself. EmmaG x

  8. Like the sound of your groups Debs, looking forward to seeing what you come up with x


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