Saturday, 6 October 2012


Hello! Gosh it has been ages since I have done a Blog Hop.. far too long.. I must stop life getting in the way of what I want to do! LOL

OK... October Blog Hop... you should have come to me from Maria
If not.. why not nip back to the start.. that would be our luvverly Gill and look at al the Scream inspired artyness...

Yes Scream... The Hop Theme.. (hence my blog title!) Well.. two things instantly popped to mind when I saw the title.... one was a painting (I am sure you can guess which one!) In all honesty, I am not 100% sure I like the painting.. but I am totally fascinated by it.... the expression, the background, the shapes.. I love it.. but that doesn't necessarily mean I like it! :-)

The second thing to pop into my mind..... well.. you have to be of a certain age to get this... by that I mean my age or older!!! 1970's childrens TV... Just William... Remember Violet Elizabeth... who would thcream and thcream and thcream until she was thick.. Poor Bonnie.. what a typecast to grow up with!!!

So.. for my Blog Entry, I decided to combine the two as a Journal page.... with a healthy dose of inspiration from the wonderful Dylusion's range of stamps... (if you haven't come across these before.. where have you been?? Check out Art From The Heart for all of Dyans goodies!)

So, with a bit of nifty pen work to change the wonderful Curious Corrin into the Thcreaming Violet Elizabeth (the similarity was so perfect.. Corrin had to be used) I give you my version of

The Dylusional Screamer!!!!

I lightly sketched the background onto watercolour paper (an A3 pad.. it is a fair sized journal page) and when I was happy with it, I coloured it with Derwent Inktense Pencils.. (the bestest pencils about in my opinion!) and blended with a waterbrush.. I loved the freeness of the colouring and the wildness of the pencil strokes.. great fun to do! I have made it brighter than the original.... cos little Miss Thcreamer wanted happy colours! :-) I then stamped out Corrin onto scrap watercolour paper, stamped most of her head again.. minus her mouth and chin which I drew in, and then stamped out her hair a few more times.. coloured with Inktense again and assembled.. I am quite chuffed with it.. Fine Art it is not.. but it makes me smile!

I hope you like it... and I hope you are enjoying the Hop... from me you leap to Jearise

but leave me a comment first!!!

Happy Hopping!xxxxx

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  1. too fun Debs, fabulous artwork!!!

  2. Your project is very clever and you took time to explain how you were inspired which is always a plus in my book - TFS!

  3. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeah love your pages, they are awesome

  4. Love your entry Deb...... I love the humour and the way you've combined the ideas. Great Blog!!

  5. Fab page Debs! I love the way you were inspired to arrive at your final piece! xx

  6. So glad you shared your creative process; I always find that very interesting. Happy to hop with you :)

  7. Very cool!!! Nice to Hop with you
    Hugs Nataliya

  8. Really clever idea, I love it. Hugs Bee

  9. Wow this is fabulous. Wonderful!!!!!

  10. Great idea!!! :))

  11. You did a great job on that painting - I am not an artist and I admire your creativity! Thanks for the hop as well! Have a great week!

  12. wow! this is so creative, you did an amazing job!

    thanks for sharing and nice hopping with you~

  13. What a fabulous re-creation of the painting! Love it!

  14. WOW Debs i am impressed, such a cool project and OMG i remember Bonnie Langford blimey thats both of us showing our ages LOL!
    such a great imagination you have to come up with what you did, love it. Thanks for taking time out to create and be part of the hop, ive missed you in the other so hope youll take part in more x

  15. oh wow - you crack me up - my mind works like that too - love your take on the scream hun - and love your warped mind xxxxxxx


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