Monday, 22 November 2010

Venturing into the world of blogging!

Well..  I hope so anyway!

Been browsing the blogs for ages, and thought it really was time I got my act together... so I tried to find my old blog.. but it appears to have disappeared into cyber somewhere.. so starting again, and planning on learning what I am doing this time!

Going to be doing a lot of blatent plugging on here too for my new CDs etc, and lots of links to the shop and other fabby blogs that I love

Right.. off to read the rule book!


  1. Good luck with the blog Debs. I'm just off to become a followers. Hugs x

  2. Thanks Anne... and I am glad you posted, I lost your blog when I changed computers.. found you again and added you to my list! xx

  3. Good luck with the blog. I've just started mine as well, took me ages to take the plunge. x

  4. Hi, I've just become a follower too!


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