Sunday, 28 November 2010

Playing with Pencils...

Continued the day as I started it.. playing with parchment and pencils.. really loving this set I bought, they are a dream to work with on parchment.. just love them!  Anyway, was looking through one of my old parchy magazines and found a Judith Maslen pattern I really liked, and so suitable for this time of year! Really loving her patterns at the moment...plenty of usage for my pencils!  :-) 

Anyway.. here it is...  now I suppose I had better get on with sorting out some food.. or starting another pattern... Hmmm. tough call! LOL

p.s.. ignore the strip of tape at the top.. this was for holding it in place to take the piccie... the only decent camera I have is built into the pooter... so had to stop the picture slipping off the backing sheet!  :-)

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