Tuesday, 23 November 2010

OK.. we have success...  managed to upload a new and rather pretty skin.. chuffed with me!  Also, have learned how to use the external hard drive, and found my way around all the weird and wonderful things my new computer does...  so fingers crossed when it is all transferred I will be away and working my socks off again

Meanwhile.. it has been commented on on Facebook that I may have been whiling the time away farming.. so while I am thinking about it.. may just pop over and check what is occurring!!!  :-)


  1. Hi my friend. Lovely to see your new Blog. Now you are going to keep this one up - AREN'T you.

  2. Hi Carol.... glad you like it.. and yes.. I am going to keep this one up! It's too pretty to ignore! :-)

  3. Hi Deb, lovely to see your new blog. I have become a follower and I will add you to my favourite blogs.
    Thanks for your comment on my latest card over at CD Sunday. Your CD is beautiful, thanks so much
    Christine xx


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