Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Well.. What a lovely surprise!

I have been honoured with a Blog Award!  My first award, How very exciting!

I have received the Liebster award from Carol whose blog truly is an inspiration to me, her work is stunning and her parchment is a dream!  Thank you so much Carol.. I am thrilled by the award!

Now.. there are rules to follow when you get this award (which is all very new to me) and they are as follows..... (copied and pasted from Carols Blog...)

I must pass on the award to five other people, who's blogs have inspired me, It also needs to be someone who has less than 200 followers.

Put a comment on their blog, so that they know about it.

Link back to the person who gave me the award and thank them.

Post the award on my blog.

So. who are my 5?  Hmmm, the key is the less than 200 followers....  so over my coffee I have been looking at the blogs that instantly jumped to mind.... (sadly some of them are just wayyyyyy too talented and popular to fit the criteria! LOL)  But.. my five are....


Lou P ......



and finally, a new blog....  which I am sure will beat the 200 fairly quickly, but at the moment qualifies!    Tis slightly cheating... but, I have seen behind the scenes on her Facebook page, and the artwork and cards produced cannot fail to inspire...  so my final award goes to...


All of these blogs have filled me with ideas, and have registered high on my envy chart due to the quality of work and sheer yummyness they contain!

Right... off to pass on the news.....   hugs all  and thank you to Carol again!


  1. From all of us at Inked Paws.... Thank You!

  2. Congratulations to you Debs you deserve it and thank you so much for thinking of me xxx

  3. I am absolutely ASTOUNDED that a lady with your talents would consider me for this award. Truly Humbled, Deb Thank you, xxx

  4. Just seen your blog over at Loo p's and love your work, congrats on your award, me and my daughter are now your followers, i am having a huge giveaway friday at my blog so come join us, you never know, u might win something xx

  5. Congrats on your award Debs - and WOW - cannot believe you think so highly of my work to even consider me never mind award me!! I have been buzzing all day long - thank you!!!
    Love n hugs

  6. Thank you so much Debs, you are one talented lady and I wish that one day I will be as good as you. I feel touched that you thought of me. So thanks again Love Stella x


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