Friday, 24 February 2012

Bit of an Arty Experiment

which worked!!!   Well.. I think it did!! :-)

Hello.. sorry I have not blogged for ages, been busy and well.. busy!!  But I went to a party last weekend, and there must be something in the dishwasher chemicals my friend uses, cos I felt rather fragile the next day...  Must have been the chemicals.. can't have been the wine now can it!!!

Anyway..  I wanted to craft, but my brain was full of cotton wool and I had no inspiration at all... so I decided to play with all my new "Messy Stuff" and see what happened.....  and this did....

(long post.. hope you are comfy!!)

Right.. I took a sheet of A4 card stock, and I randomly spritzed it with misting sprays etc....

The cat helped.....

Then I randomly stamped all over it....

Then I stuck a stamped sheet of ATCs on the back.. which I wrote on AND numbered, so I couldn't cheat and not make the full set!

And cut them all out........

Then I was a Very Big and Very Brave Girlie.....  and I dived into my Crafty Stuff.. and... Shock Horror.. I Used Some of it... It was a shock to the system.. but I have now recovered!!!  Here are my 9 totally random background Artified ATCs

I am sooooooo chuffed with them......  so I made them a new ATC Book to live in  (nearly finished.. promise, but I did tell you it was a long blog!!!)

Outside cover......

Inside cover...

 Inserts.... (I have fallen totally in love with Washi Tape!!)


 and finally all decorated....

Phew!  You will be please to know.. thats all!   Good job I don't blog very often if they are this length!!!

Right.. off I toodles..  Got some more Arty Type stuff to do to so I can fill my new book!!!
Happy Crafting all, and if you stayed with me to the end.. Gold Star to you!!! (and please leave me a comment...  makes me feel like I have friends then! LOL! x)


  1. Can't stop giggling at the cat's paw! These are great debs, I especially like the 2 with keys on and the little birdie on the fence. Right off for a strong cuppa after that marathon photo fest! LOL!

  2. Wonderful stuff Debs. What a pity I hadn't chosen Arty Stuff as the next theme. I even love the spritzy stuff which has never been a favourite of mine. Too messy.
    Mega hugs

  3. Hi again Debs - gosh two visits from me. Have a look on my Blog - present for you.
    Mega Hugs

  4. OH WOW!! Thank you soooo much Carol! Yayyyyy! :-)
    And thanks to you both for the comments.... the cat and I are having a luvverly time playing with all this ink! xxx

  5. Love your ATC's Debs! I love messy and inky too! xx

  6. Hi Debs,

    I've just found your blog, and become a follower, I love your story , and your ATC's look stunning, I'm new to arty crafting, lol.... but love to get messy..... xx

  7. Great ATC's, thanks for the inspiration, I cannot wait to get inky now.

  8. looking forward to you being my trading partner on our group Debs!


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