Saturday, 15 January 2011

How is it the weekend again... they are coming round so fast!!

Decided to have a messy day today, I have bought a couple of magazines recently and have loads of inspiration to dig out my stamps and do some stamping.. got a couple of new ones too, and I wanna play!  So inks and all sorts coming out today, haven't stamped in ages, (apart from my feet! ;-) ) so really looking forward to it!  Hopefully I will produce something worth keeping out of the bin!

Oh.. and this is the Parchment piece I did last week.. Very Very proud of me... it is one of a set of four, and I think I am looking forward to the other three, but we had a lot of tantrums and Filed-in-the-bin episodes with this one.  The pattern is by Kanny Sukseree, and is available from Centagraph, I recommend it if you have a high stress threshold!!!

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Deb hope you are having a good weekend stamping xxx

  2. Hi Debs
    Just wanted to tell the folks how good this lovely work of art is. Saw it in the flesh yesterday at the Show and it is awesome. Looking forward to seeing the rest when you have found a moment or two.....


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