Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Hey.. it's me.. Blogging again!

Hot on the tail of my last posting, along comes another! :-) Wonder how long this will last?

Just a quick picture for you... had some canvas turn up, and I have plans for it! It is half term, so they may not go to plan.. but I am going to an art group one evening a week.. so hopefully among all the chatting, Art may get done!

Anyway.. here is a piccie for you..... I wonder what it will turn into? I know what it is supposed to turn into, but as ever, there is always an element of doubt as to it actually going to plan!

Be back when there is more to show!

Toodles! xxxxx


  1. Looking good Debs. Where is the curling up canvas? Or is that under the girl canvas?? lol Susiesu xxx

  2. LOL.. Curing up canvas is now in a box... drying.. and heavily weighed down!!! Silly stuff that it is! I now see why stretched canvas's are so popular!!! :-) xxx


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