Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Totally Triumphant Tuesday!!!!

Yayyyy! OK.. we are still clearing and sorting and decorating.. but at the weekend I thought.. I have had enough! I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed to play.. so I did!

A few months ago, the totally fabulous Effy Wild (YouTube her..... make a coffee, a big one, and YouTube her!) made a video showing how to make a stitch bound journal.. I loved it, but didn't have time to sit and play, but I remembered enough of the basics to have a go at it.....

Ok.. we started life as a large stretched canvas and a heap of A4 card stock folded in half

I cut the dried canvas out of the frame..measured (sort of!!), and folded in "half" so it would nake a wrap around cover for the pages.... I used the offcuts to make a pile of flowers with a the Big Shot.

And I played! LOL Lots of brads, and ribbons and charms etc.. I had a blast.... (which considering most of my stuff is packed.. I think I did well! LOL)

I then sewed the "signatures" (pages) together, three at a time to make mini six page booklets... five times, sewed them all together, glued the front page to a piece of A3 folded and cut down, and glued to the front of the cover.....

Taaa Daaa!

Not perfect I know... but I was half making it up as I went cos I had forgotten what Effy had said! :-)
I am going to hunt out my A3 card when I have finished the house and make a square journal next.. I am thinking 8x8, ans as I know all the bits I made difficult this time.. the next one will be much betterer!!!

Right.. off to add this to the Piece A Week.. which I have been neglecting.. bad me... and back to the Glossing! Hate Gloss by the way.... but 'tis nearly done!

Toodles! xxxx


  1. Like this a lot. Think you might have to show me how to do one. xxx

    1. Anytime Matie... Good excuse to go and buy more canvas's! LOL x

  2. Its gorgeous Debs, dont think Im brave enough to have a go though

    1. Of course you are!!!! Only you know what you want it to look like.. and if I can do it.. you can! hugs! x

  3. Fabulous Debs - it would make a lovely gift but may prove difficult to give away! Pat x

    1. Good idea.. but I agree.. this is Mine.. all mine! :-) x


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