Friday, 6 July 2012

Long time no blog!

Good Morning Bloggers... How long since I last posted??

Been laid low with a rotten bout of Shingles.. seriously been yukky.. felt soooooo ill.. No likies, no likies at all.. but I think I am on the road to recovery.. and having found my blog dashboard in the New Updates (why????) I have a few piccies to show you.. OK.. a fair few.. you might want to grab a coffee if you plan to stay to the bitter end! :-)

Been playing with my Art Journal.. and new ideas and things.. here are some of the results....

First off, Mermaids taken and adapted from the Fabulous Suzi Blu book....

A Doodle Face.. with everything I needed to get off my chest written first then Gesso-ed over while still wet

My New Rules!

A couple of Plays with Encaustic.. forgotten how much fun it is!!

Happy Face... adapted from Doodles Unleashed

Playing with Paper Dolly's.. taken from ideas in College Couture

A few Flower Fairies.. my style! ;-)

And my latest page.. even scribbled all over.. Christina A is still soooo beautiful.. I could hate her you know if I wasn't such a Nice Person!!!

Right.. thats it from me.. got some more ink and stuff to do while I finish getting better from this yukky nasty illness..... catch ya laters! xxxxx


  1. WOW Debs, I wish I could be so creative when not feeling well. These new pages are amazing, I'm sure they will look fantastic in your journal. Hope you feel 100% soon.

    Sue x

  2. They are good!!!! You are getting more confident and it shows and love the new rules. Agree about CA. LOL Hugs mate
    Mand xxx


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