Thursday, 8 March 2012

Art Journalling....

Hmmmmm.. I think I like them!

Morning all.....I have, much to my long suffering hubby's dismay, a new passion!  Why to his dismay?  Well, because it involves lots of inks and sprays and painty stuff, and me yelling "That's Wet... Don't Touch it" nearly every time he goes near anything! :-)  Poor Bloke!

Following on from my Artsy Experiment with the ATCs and the Book for them, I did a bit of a google over this Art Journal stuff, and decided to have a go!

I mean, it is only a decorated "thoughts" books isn't it?? Can't be that difficult! Just write things down and draw and paint and and and......   Hmmmmm....

I have to admit to having reservations, trepidations, palpitations and all kinds of other "ations" over making one (see one of my pages below for the reason) but I thought "Hey.. if it goes wrong.. who knew I made one!!!!"  So in I jumped!

I started off making the cover (I know how to make book covers!!) .... yet another good old Amazon Mailer... Think I am running low on them.. good excuse to buy some of those scrummy journalling How-To books sitting in my wish list them.... one at a time of course.. get more mailers that way!

So. I took my mailer, cut it to size and painted it and randomly spritzed it with misting inks



For the pages, I used a load of large index divider cards

Here is one sprayed up and ready

I punched holes in the covers, and all the pages, and bound using jump rings so it would be easy to take pages out to work on, I also used my new and Very Scary Distressing Tool to , well, er, Distress the edges of the book....  the effect is growing on me:-)

Then I decorated it........

Front Cover...

Inside cover..... It says, Yeah: I cheated: I traced part of the face, and I don't care!

The first page I made ... it explains why I Don't Do Art!
 An unfinished page... to be continued...

 I like Round! :-)

And a couple of pages inked up ready to go.....

And there we have it....  Why??  Well.... Why Not!  Having a great time playing, you may get to see further pages, or I may keep them secret.. depends what I write!

Oh.. and for the record.. the sheets of A3 card I use to put my pages on to spray.. I keep them all...  they make fabulous flourishes, flowers and butterflies when run through a die cutting machine!

Happy (messy) crafting!


P.S.  If you have read this far... leave me a message, I would love to know what you think, and messages make me feel like I have friends! LOL xxxx

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  1. Hi Debs, Your journal looks fantastic, I love the idea of this but don't know where to start. Maybe I should google it, like you, might get some ideas then.

    Sue x


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