Thursday, 15 December 2011

Poor Messy!!!!

Hello!!!   Quick blog today and apologies for no blogging for ages.... this Christmas stuff seems to be eating into all my time! :-)

Right.. I was DETERMINED to blog this week, becasue... CD Sunday have a smashing prize on offer and I really think I need it....  The theme is Things With Whiskers, and the prize is a smashing CD by
Elegant Inspiration,  it looks fantastic... so I set to making a card!

Well... I think that is where it started to go wrong!!  I have some luvverly Messy Rabbit stamps, and they have been sitting around doing nothing.. plus I have the Messy CD.. Perfect thinks me... Messy has Whiskers.. Yayyyy!

OK....  Printer has decided to print Red again.. Grrr, so scrap the idea for a Messy CD Paper, so I spent ages rummaging through the drawers looking for printed papers.. I know I have loads... somewhere.

Right.. backing papers sorted....  stamp and heat emboss Messy, and his Garden, and his shed etc etc, and colour....  all fine

Assemble card.....  Hmmm

The first die I used to cut Messy in a aperture is quite a fiddly one, and decided not to cut fully (suddenly remember why I haven't used it for ages!!)  Ok.. try to cut all the bits out with a craft knife.. lose temper, throw across the desk and find a slightly smaller die to re-cut!

Re-cut Messy.. waving goodbye to some of my beautifully coloured (if I say so myself) sky line, and start to assemble card...

Taa-Daa... One card!  Look at it.. Hate it, un-assemble it.

Used a decent glue.. so obviously I can't get the damn topper off without ripping it.... Bye Bye more sky!

Cut around Messy to make an even smaller topper, Thought I would make a frame for this one.. possibly a shaker... no, that went wrong to, so I started to re-cut......blah blah blah....

Anyway....  Without boring you all too much, I got there in the end.... and here it is..............  are you ready??

One Messy Rabbit ATC!!!!  ROFL.. Oh well...Good Intentions and all that!  Ended up cutting Messy out totally.. my beautifully blended sky was consigned to the bin....  Messy lost his carrots... Oh the Trauma!  I managed to salvage a scrap of backing paper (printed from Bryony Bee) to cover the ATC, and that I am afraid is as good as it is going to get!!!!

While I was "on a roll" :-)  I started these two as well.. both with whiskers and CD papers...  but the way my day was going I stopped while I was ahead.. I will finish them later!

Right.. off to enter into the CD Sunday challenge, and then see what disasters I can make with my Christmas Cards!!! 
Have a great day....  If you have snow... I am jealous! LOL


  1. You're not alone I think we all have days like this. But, you didn't give up completely and your atc turned out beautifully. Thank you for joining in the fun at CD Sunday this time.
    Beryl x GDT

  2. Oh Debs - that's brought a smile to my face! At least you managed to make something.......eventually. I still haven't got there even though this challenge covers 2 weeks!

  3. Oh Debs!! I am still laughing. I was alright til I got to the bit about Messy losing his carrots. I lost it then.
    Thank you for entering into our challenge at Cd Sunday.... and for the entertainment.
    Carol xxx
    CD Sunday DT

  4. I love your explanation of how you made your ATC! Messy is a lovely chap and its nice to see him put in an appearance even if he has lost his carrots - I think we all feel a bit like that this time of year!
    Thank you for lots of smiles and for joining us at CD Sunday this week.
    Jocelyn xx
    CD Sunday DT

  5. Well Debs, you certainly made me smile with your antics with Messy, you got there in the end and it is a lovely ATC. Thanks for perservering this week and for joining us at CD Sunday. Good luck in the draw.
    Christine xx
    CD Sunday DT

  6. What a story, sounds like you were Messy, no snow here, lovely ATC's, thanks for sharing with us at CD Sunday x


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